Lightning-Quick Fresh Tomato Salad


  • Garden-fresh tomatoes
  • Mozzarella cheese, thinly sliced OR feta cheese, crumbled
  • Balsamic vinegar
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Fresh basil, chopped

Arrange tomato slices on individual plates. Top with cheese and sprinkle with fresh basil. Drizzle with oil and vinegar (to taste) and chill at least 30 minutes. (OR, chop tomatoes and cheese and toss all ingredients together to coat.) Serve with crusty bread for a light, delicious summer evening meal.

Grow a Kitchen Herb Garden

If you love using herbs as much as I do, you will probably agree that fresh-picked herbs taste better than store-bought or dried ones.

Even those of you who have limited available yard or garden space can plant a kitchen herb garden. Herbs are easy to grow, don’t need a lot of space, thrive in just about any type of soil, and many are cold hardy. An ideal location would be a few steps from your kitchen, but any spot that gets about six hours of sun a day is good. By planting herbs that are most often used in cooking, you can pick what you need all summer. Continue reading

Post a Classified Ad

Individuals (no businesses please!) may use the Lehman’s Life forums to advertise items they are selling.

Legal Notice for the ‘Classifieds’ forum on Lehman’s Life:

The Classifieds forum is for the use of individuals selling small quanties (5 or less) of items for personal, non-commercial purposes. No businesses or fronts for businesses should post on this board. (If you are a business interested in learning how you can advertise on Lehman’s Country Life, please contact No advertisments of an indecent, questionable, or illegal nature should be posted. No advertisements seeking companionship should be posted. As always, the Company reserves the right at all times to edit, refuse to post or to remove any information or materials, in whole or in part, for any reason whatsoever, in the Company’s sole discretion. All other terms and legal notices relating to the use of Lehman’s Country Life apply fully to the Classifieds discussion forum.

Post a Classified on Lehman’s Country Life 

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Home-ground and home-baked is best

Grind your own flour. Knead your own dough. Bake your own bread. Nothing tastes better than homemade bread baked with freshly ground flour. Baking your own bread can’t be beat: the great taste, the wholesome nutrition, the satisfaction of keeping old traditions alive. Make bread baking a weekly ritual in your home this year. If you’re searching for the best in baking tools and helpers, try Lehman’s wonderful line of baking supplies, grain and grain mills.

The Wanderer

Here’s a great article from our archives by C.J. Mouser. She writes from her farm in central Florida, where she raises swine and grows oranges with her husband and three children. Enjoy!

One recent morning, I went out to check on a sow that was in the process of having her babies. She was doing just fine, and would have continued to do so without my presence, but I was enjoying watching her. There were a million things I could have bePig and Pigletsen doing in the house. Clearly, I was lallygaggin’.

I had just decided to go into the house and find something productive to do, when I heard a faint squealing. Sometimes I think we do things for a reason – even if we don’t know what the reason is. Maybe it’s fate, or divine inspiration, or something else guiding us. But something – call it ‘my little voice’ – kept me out there until I did what needed to be done. I just didn’t know what it was yet. Continue reading

Lehman’s on YouTube

Lehman’s was recently featured on an episode of Weekend Makeover, the nationally televised how-to-upgrade-your-home-in-one-weekend series. Glenda Lehman Ervin, vice president of marketing and daughter of founder Jay Lehman, talked about the unique collection of Lehman’s merchandise available to the discerning homeowner, as well as the company’s history.