Rural Landscapes

Barn on a Hill

Barn on a Hill

Enjoy the beauty of the Kidron area landscape thru the eyes of local artist Dennis Lipp. On July 12th, during Lehman’s Local Artisan Festival, Dennis can be found in the cafe and book area painting a scene from this area. So grab some lunch, coffee or ice cream and have a seat to enjoy seeing the creative process at work! Dennis, along with 13 other local artists will be participating in live demonstrations and offering their artwork for sale. Make a day of it and enjoy! Stop by to read artists profiles and see a preview of artwork and demonstrations.

A Rose by Any Other Name: Part II

You can complain because roses have thorns, or you can rejoice because thorns have roses.”
-Ziggy by Tom Wilson

Apart from the flowery, beautiful sonnets and songs written down through the ages about roses, I often find the more “common language” quotations the most enjoyable. If you were here a few weeks ago and learned, perhaps, some new things about planting and cultivating roses, you may very well have at least one lovely plant turning out its colorful bounty. If your roses are of the strains that are considered either “antique” or “old garden roses” (or those developed more recently with extra attention not to losing the magic of scent) you may also be wondering how you can preserve both the color and perfume of roses. You’ve come to the right place! Continue reading

I love living in the country

All of my growing-up years, I craved being in the country, out of town. I never cared for having neighbors, being crowded and having people watch me as I walked down the street or rode my bike or skated on the sidewalk. My favorite place, if I could find, was alone in a tree top or in a “cave” in a secluded woods somewhere near the house we lived in. But never in a shopping center, a store or a crowded concert somewhere. As I grew, I insisted that I would marry a rich rancher which would allow me to live on a ranch, away from people and out on the land with animals surrounding me. Well …. I got part of my wish. I married a rancher’s son, although not “rich.” I did find, however, that he was more comfortable with being on the land with something to do with his hands. He was not a shopper, a “go-er for the sake of going” type of person. Continue reading

Local Artisans Perform and Create at Lehman’s

In response to high gas prices this summer, we’re going local! Lehman’s wants to provide fun, educational events for families who may be staying closer to home this year and are looking for intriguing road trips and short getaways. So, we’ve got several great (free!) events lined up for Saturdays this summer and even into fall. We hope you’ll join us at our retail store in Kidron for some amazing musical performances and interactive demonstrations that let you take a step back into the past – if only for a day!

NOTE: All events are FREE (with ample free parking available), require NO advance reservations and take place at Lehman’s, on the square in Kidron (get driving directions to Kidron). Continue reading

Fiber Art

Hand spun angora yarn

On July 12 th you will get a chance to meet the folks from Longhedges Fiber Studio. Angela Seymour-Boss will be across from the customer service desk at the store in Kidron displaying and selling her fiber and fiber art during Lehman’s Local Artisan Festival. Angela, along with her husband Warren, own and operate a retail fiber shop as well as an alpaca and fiber animal farm. In the photo above you can see a sampling of some of her hand dyed and spun angora yarn. She offers knitting and spinning classes as well as a wide assortment of fiber from cleaned raw fiber from a wide variety of animals, to rovings, to yarn to finished products that make beautiful gifts. You can read about Angela and the other artists at To learn more about Longhedges Fiber Studio go to

Art From Garden

gourd Deby Weltygourd 2gourd1 Deby Welty

I posted earlier on this blog about Tim Shue’s art IN the garden. Now I want to talk about art FROM the garden! Lehman’s has a long history of providing support and products for gardeners and now, thanks to Larry and Deby Welty, there will be art from the garden in the form of painted gourds. The Welty’s are busy carving and painting a whole assortment of gourds that can be used for decorative bird house, bird feeders and home decor. You will even have an opportunity to try your hand at painting a gourd under Deby’s helpful instruction. To read more about gourd painting as well as what the other 12 participating artists will be demonstrating and selling at Lehman’s Local Artisan Festival on July 12th go to

Art for the Garden


Tim Shue, a resident, artist and musician from the Kidron area, will be at Lehman’s Local Artisan Festival filling two roles. He will be providing musical entertainment and showcasing his unique mosaic garden art. To create the pieces you see above Tim uses carvings as well as pieces of glass or tiles to make this lovely garden art. The mix between the natural materials of the rock and the colors and textures of the glass and tile, along with the nature theme make for an interesting compliment to gardens, patios or walkways. They work beautifully whether in a manicured garden or a naturalized one. Plan on stopping by to see the many creative talents of Tim Shue on July 12th along with a wide variety of other local artist. To read more about the other particpating artists go to

Pottery Demonstrations at Lehman’s

We are very pleased and excited to have two local potters participating in Lehman’s Local Artisan Festival on July 12th. Nicole Myers, of Flying Pig Clayworks will have some of her beautiful, nature inspired ceramic pitchers, platters and possibly even some animal sculptures to show and to sell! Laura Smith, of Wooster, will set up her potter’s wheel in the Buggy Barn and do pottery demonstrations through out the day.

13 artists in all will be in the store, displaying their art and looking forward to sharing with you the process in which they make their craft. Count on seeing oil painters, watercolorists, animal art and murals, fiber arts, landscape artists, mosaic art, wool rug hooking in lovely primitive styles, woodturners, painted gourds, garden art and food as art!

We have a full day planned of demonstrations by a wide variety of artists, special food, kid’s activities and music so mark your calendars and make a day of it!

Lehman’s History Mural

Lehman’s History Mural by Kristin Lorson

In 2004, Kristin Lorson was commissioned to design and create a mural that would depict the 50 year history of Lehman’s. Kristin, having a big appreciation of local history, was honored to take on such a unique project. “Gathering all the information in my research took half as long as painting the entire mural!” Kristin said. The total project was a nine month long stint, that Kristin was able to accomplish right in her own family’s dining room. The 4′ x 10′ piece of Luan board she painted was propped up in the busiest room in her home. “Our dining room is like Grande Central Station! There I would be in the middle of everything painting, while my husband, three kids, a dog and a cat, all ran around me. Although it was busy, it was great for me to have a project like that to work on at home. My kids were a lot younger then.” Continue reading

Art Festival interview

I met today with Peter Heath of Amish Country TV to talk about our upcoming Art Festival at Lehman’s on July 12th. Peter makes videos of events of special interest in Amish Country and then shows them on his web site as well as in hotels as a courtesy to people coming into the area. I talked to him about the wide variety of local artists who will be at Lehman’s Local Artisan Festival doing demonstrations in the store. We are fortunate to have a wealth of talented, accomplished artists from the Kidron area who are looking forward to sharing with the people at Lehman’s how they take their raw materials to create their own unique finished product. In this high tech world the value of using your hands to create and the satisfaction of the creative process is to be appreciated more than ever. Many of these crafts and skills have a long rich history which we want to preserve and share. I think you will find this event to be fun, educational and inspiring for all ages. To add to the festive atmosphere there will be special music, food and hands on activities for kids.

To read Artists Profiles of artists participating in this event go to Stop by soon to see the video made from this interview. We will post it on Lehman’s Youtube station as it becomes available!