Best coffee!

This morning I made one of the best cups of coffee I’ve ever had!

For years, I’ve been hearing that French Presses make great coffee. And, we’ve carried one in our catalog for a long time. It’s the typical kind you see in many gourmet stores: A glass decanter with a metal plunger.

French Press Coffee Maker

French Press Coffee Maker

Our catalog description says, “Pour in boiling water and replace lid with plunger all the way up. Let steep for 3-5 minutes, depress plunger to trap grounds on bottom, and pour out the flavor.” Although I personally buy and use most of the items we sell, I never tried this one. My friend Jason Nussbaum, who runs our retail stores, makes coffee in one every morning and loves it. But, I just didn’t think I could wait 3-5 minutes for a cup of coffee!
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Warm Snap!

Nice walk on a sunny day

This year’s Christmas break had unusual weather for almost everyone! It brought snow and ice to some people who didn’t expect it and a few who did (like my brother in Vermont). And, it brought “Indian Summer” to those of us in Ohio. Sixty degrees in December doesn’t happen much in Ohio. And neither do the brilliant blue skies you see in the photo. It was a real special treat!

My son, an avid photographer, and I took the opportunity to walk the fields around our house. The “official” purpose of the walk was to check on the trees I’ve planted on the far corners of our farm. But, our unstated goal was just to be together! He’s in college now, and I miss having him around the house.
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Greetings From Nova Scotia and Merry Christmas!

Bill and I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

We have been taking it a bit easier  here at Land’s End as winter rolls in. With the wood pile under cover and pantry full we no longer feel guilty sleeping in until 7:00am these days.  The goats are dry so there is no milking to do. The hens are moulting getting their winter feathers and taking a rest from laying eggs. The new hens are just starting to lay now so we haven’t had many eggs to gather lately either.  These are the lazy days for us when we catch up on sleep we missed and spend more time indoors by the fire. Continue reading

It’s a Wrap! Making it a Green Christmas

Let’s be realistic. No matter how eco-conscious we are there is no way around the season where it is better to give than receive. We may have all been taught that it is the thought that counts, but we are not immune to those cultural pressures that say that presentation is all that matters. There are ways though where we can beat the super consumers at their own game and get kudos for creativity.

There are lots of ways to minimize waste and still present gifts that show care, attention and a sense of occasion. It takes a bit of time and ingenuity but it is all fun stuff and very low tech. Here are some of my tried and tested eco-Christmas stratagems. Continue reading

A Bedtime Story – If Wishes Were Horses

At some level- we were manipulated. It wasn’t something either my wife or myself were consciously aware of at the time, but whatever it is that did it is that same something that attracts kids ‘n’ critters to my wife. Of that I’m pretty confident. They just seem to keep coming.

“Testing. Testing one, two, three. This is your subconscious speaking and tonight’s program is entitled Llamas: Why No Homestead Should Be Without a Pair. But before we begin the presentation, we’d like to congratulate you on the way you handled your husband’s reluctance to share his underwear drawer with the latest batch of kittens. That was very well argued!”

Maybe it’s some DNA-based-racial-memory thing that the ideal husband is one who will willingly chase down wildebeests, on the Savannah, dressed in a loin cloth. Continue reading

A Digital-Free Barnyard

By Jurgen Haver

Editors Note: Jurgen Haver is the husband of Judith Costello, one of Lehman’s Country Life long time contributors.

Just this week I read the results of three research studies. The first said the average child spends 45 hours a week in the digital world (cell phone, TV, games, texting, computer). Next was a study that concluded cell phones and e-mails help children socialize better. The last one was convinced that all of these digital tools were changing the way young people’s brains actually work and was probably not a good thing.

So, as I often do, I went out and talked to my animals about it. You can trust animals, you know. Here’s what I learned: Continue reading

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Equine and Animal Artist at Lehman’s

My name is Sue Steiner and I will be at Lehman’s this Saturday.  I am primarily an equine and animal artist but have been known to do people portraits too on occassion.  I am from the Kidron area and gain inspiration from the beautiful farms and rolling hills of this area.  My job on Saturday will be to add to the series of farm animal murals I have painted at Lehman’s over the last couple of years.  Many of you may have seen the cow, sheep, goat, pig, chicken, horse, cat and donkey paintings inside and out.  I think I enjoy most the expression on the kid’s faces when they see the murals.  The kids have also given me some surprised looks when they see me painting on the wall!  In this case I tell them its okay to color on the wall.  My new mural is of a frisky, curious long legged colt!  Stop by the Buggy Barn to see the murals and say hi!  I will be at the store from 10:00 – 2:00 this Saturday.

Lehman’s has been very gracous in allowing myself and other Ohio Arts and Crafts Guild members to do demonstrations all fall and winter.  We will take a break for the first quarter of 2009 and then be back again in the spring.  I already have some very educational and entertaining demos lined up by some talented folks.   You can sign up to be notified of new events by going to the events page link at the top of this page.

Add Your Personal Touch to Gifts during Demo

Decorative Painting Demo with Lehman’s Products on Sat.

Deby Welty, of Jubilee Junction Art Studio, in Sterling will be presenting “Koalaty Art” demonstrations, on Saturday December 13 from 10:00 – 2:00 in the Buggy Barn at Lehman’s.  Deby is a certified teacher of decorative art and teaches at her home studio as well as around the north eastern US for various clubs, retreats and conventions.  Included in this demo will be a time when customers of Lehman’s may purchase a selected piece and bring it into the Buggy Barn, where Deby will guide them through painting their own works of art.   No additional charge, other than purchasing the surface, will be incurred for this “mini class”.

Now’s your chance to personalize Lehman’s products to use as gifts or keepsakes.  No prior painting experience necessary!

To see what other special events are scheduled at Lehman’s in Kidron click on the Events link at the top of the page.

Pottery Demonstration at Lehman’s

Pottery Demonstration by Jim Spires Saturday from 10:00-2:00
Internationally recognized potter and sculptor, Jim Spires will be creating traditional wheel-thrown pottery shapes typical of functional ware made by the potteries in Dalton, Doylestown, Mt. Eaton, and Wooster in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. Spires uses stoneware clays similar to what has been used in Ohio and Pennsylvania throughout history. Finished pieces will be on display and specific pieces will be offered for sale.
Jim will be in the Buggy Barn at the Lehman’s store in Kidron Sat. from 10:00- 2:00.  You’ll not want to miss this demonstration!
To see other special events scheduled on location at the Kidron store see the Events link at the top of this page.

Highway Surprise

Lehman’s stove installers were on their way to a customer’s home recently. The route took them south on I-77. The driver, Simon, spotted a box that looked like it contained one of our products laying along the side of this very busy highway. He took the next exit and turned around to confirm if it came from our store.

Simon - Our stove installer with the pipe he found

Simon - Our stove installer with the pipe he found

Sure enough, it was a piece of Simpson stove pipe and, incredibly enough, it was not even damaged!

This set off an investigation involving Simon, two of our warehouse workers (Reggie and Dave), and Sharon, one of our customer service representatives. They wanted to know if the box could have been lost by a Lehman’s customer.
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