Be Prepared Part 2

Two weeks ago I blogged about how we should be prepared for more bad economic news. My bottom line that day was that we should be more self reliant. I called for us to be responsible, ready and re-energized. I said, “When the going gets tough, the tough get going.” (Click here to see the article.)

One of my friends, Clayton Steiner, reminded me, “I thought in this economic time, it’s time to talk about community, sharing, watching out for each other, helping our neighbor, simple living … and good old fashioned Mennonite theology.”

So, what’s Clayton’s hang up with “Mennonite theology?” What you may not Continue reading

Horse Therapy

Our ten-year-old is sure the horse can read her mind.brigit and tory painting

This horse story began when Brigit was in charge of the household while her brother and I flew off to Washington, DC. Her stepdad was at home with her. But Jurgen’s had health problems and he doesn’t have energy for cooking, cleaning or barnyard chores. So they went out to eat a lot and Brigit took over doing everything else. She rose to the challenge with commendable grace.

During those five days, she took three feral cats into town to get them spayed. She cleaned up after the six rescue cats who are still in cages. She fed and cared for our other animals. She fixed breakfast and lunches. Then she vacuumed and straightened the house. Just before we arrived home she whipped up a “Welcome Home” cake. Continue reading

Get Rid of Houseflies Frugally (Or, Flies, the Story of a Duck)

This is a true story: One afternoon, I wandered out t34696941oward the road that came in behind the house and there was a baby duck (okay, a duckling) walking along the road, quacking and crying with every step. Momma duck was nowhere to be found, and I felt sorry for the little guy, so it wasn’t long before he was quietly settled in a cardboard box in a corner of the kitchen.

We lived not far from a feedlot and flyswatters are a basic necessity to that kind of area. It didn’t take long for the little duck to realize that a flyswatter meant food. It got to the point that when he saw us pick up one, he would march right up and wait for his snack. If you ever wanted to find him, all you had to do was take down a flyswatter and smack the floor with it and he’d come running. He ate so many flies, that’s what we named him  – Flies.

I never had to call the kids to come and swat flies because Continue reading

How to Solve “What’s For Supper?”

This is the time of year when time may be in short sup41836125ply.  Between work, school shopping and that last grab at summer it can really make days short.  So, how do you plan a non-fast food chain supper when the time you are making that decision is on the way home after a long day at work, with cranky, hungry, tired children you have just picked up school or daycare?

From this point on the suggestions are personal opinion, and some things that have worked for my large family over the years. Each family is different, but two things remain the same: you need a nutritious meal, and you need to get it fast. Time to  think outside the box. Continue reading

Photo Caption Contest Winner! (and honorable mentions…)

captionWe received dozens of responses to our photo caption contest a few weeks ago.  There were so many clever and humorous suggestions, our staff had quite a time picking out our favorites. But we managed to narrow them down a bit, and without further ado, the winner of the $100 gift certificate is… Continue reading

Be prepared!

Many say things are as bad now as they’ve been any time since the Great Depression. Bad times change people.

On my Facebook page, I’ve been posting economic benchmarks and leading indicators. Many are obscure things you won’t see in the mainstream press. Most, sadly, predict an extended economic struggle. In response, one of my Facebook friends commented that all the bad news made her feel like giving up.

It’s true that there may be more bad times ahead. We cannot keep our environment today from changing us. But giving up is not the answer. I want to go on record, clearly and forcibly that this is the time when we must take the challenges we face prayfully and purposefully into our own hands.

It’s time to return to the long-standing American concept of self-reliance.
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Work of our Hands!

One thing I know is that Lehman’s attracts the type of people who like to keep busy, who are innovative and appreciate good craftsmanship.  Its been apparent during the ongoing arts and crafts demos being put on by Ohio Arts and Crafts Guild members that it ”takes one to know one’.  By that I mean that people who work with their hands, whether its to build, garden, cook, craft, repair or beautify appreciate people who do the same!  One of the best aspects of being in the Buggy Barn to do demos is meeting people who share with me their ‘art’.

I paint the farm animal murals.  I have had wonderful conversations with people about their farm experiences and the work of their hands!  It is refreshing in today’s society to hear what people are creating!  You inspire me so thank you!

We’ve made it a point to bring you a well rounded variety of artisans to share with you their knowledge and experience on a regular basis in the Buggy Barn at the Kidron store.

In the photos above you can see a curious furry visitor to the store checking out Vicki Boatright’s artwork!  Amy of Three Sister’s Wool is also pictured during a recent wool rug hooking demo.  The hitching post mural is the backdrop for the quilters as they were preparing for the MCC Relief Sale not long ago in the Buggy Barn.

Please take a moment to check out Lehman’s Event Calendar on this blog to see the upcoming demonstrations.  You will find potters, painters, fiber arts, blacksmithing, wood carvers and wool rug hooking to name a few.  So as you plan your trip to Ohio Amish Country make sure you keep the demos in mind to add just a little something more to your visit!

If you are in Kidron this Friday please stop in the Buggy Barn and say hi to me.  I am just finishing up a mural of a ewe and her lambs to keep company with the assorted farm animals already painted indoors and out.

Photo Caption Contest

Photo taken recently near Kidron, OH. What do you suppose this local Amish man did to need the Long Arm of the Law? Send your ideas for a funny (or serious) caption to Our esteemed team of judges (also known as the catalog and web staff) will chose a winner for a $100 gift certificate to Lehman’s. And, we’ll post some of our favorite responses.

Please respond by Friday, Aug. 14, 2009, and include your name and email address.

Yellow jackets, the tiny warriors of summer

Along with summer come days spent working outside, lounging by the pool, and enjoying picnics and barbeques. It also begins an ancient battle between human and yellow jacket. We know these brightly colored warriors by sight but what do we really know about them? Let us find out, because they say that knowing is half the battle. Continue reading