2011 Customer Favorites

It’s the start of the New Year here at Lehman’s too, and like most retail businesses, we hear the same question over and over: “What was your top seller last year?”

That question isn’t as easy to answer as you might think! We have three easy ways for all of you to shop with us: our website, our mail-order catalog and our retail store in Kidron, Ohio. Depending on what’s easiest for customers at the time they’re ready to make a purchase, they may use just one avenue, or a combination of all three. So picking one top item isn’t easy.

Consistently, though, we see recurring patterns. Sometimes, your favorite items are small enough to fit in an oversized envelope. Others are so big that they have to be freight-shipped. There’s one common theme, though: a preference for high-quality, well-made products.

Claey's Sugared Hard Candies

Claey’s Sugared Hard Candies

So, what’s a big favorite for web, catalog and store customers? It’s what we call “nostalgic candy,” the old-time hard candies and penny candies. Claeys‘ Horehound, Lemon, Wild Cherry and Cinnamon are top flavors.

Soaps are big sellers, too – we think that’s because we have hard-to-find ones like Grandma and Grandpa’s brands, and all-natural soaps such as goat’s milk and Melkfett (Vaseline). Ever tried donkey’s milk soap? You can – we’ve got it!

And, we have many customers who rely on our Fels-Naptha and Zote as essential ingredients for homemade laundry soap.

Donkey's Milk Soap

Donkey’s Milk Soap

Across the Board: “Big Sellers”

These items aren’t always what you might think. “Big Sellers” are popular items that require truck or freight shipping because of their size or weight. When you order these, be prepared! There may be extra shipping charges, or some assembly required. And if you’re choosing these items from our Kidron store, you may want to drive your truck – or we’ll be happy to ship it to you from the store.

Big Sellers On the Website and At the Store!
1. Sno-Wolf Shovels (now on sale!)
2. Sun-Mar 200 Composter (now on sale!)
3. Tapered 23 qt. Dairy Pail, Stainless Steel
4. Pennsylvania Amish Oak and Hickory Rocker
5. Small Kitchen Island, Maple Finish

Other Web/Catalog Favorites for 2011
If you’re curious about any item listed here, type the inventory number or the first few words of the product description listed to the right of the product name in the search box at Lehmans.com. The same product numbers also appear in our catalogs.

Lehman’s Canned Chicken

Use the handy section tabs on the back cover to find things fast! You can always call our customer service line at 1-877-438-5346 (except on Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day and New Year’s Day).

Web/Catalog Favorites
1. Angel Mints 6 ounce package 1065365
2. Hard Candy with Filled Centers, 20 oz. Canister 00076
3. Claey’s Sassafras Candy 006408
4. Lehman’s Canned Meats, 28 ounce size
(Beef, 10801226; Chicken, 291201; Pork, 291204; Turkey, 291203
5. Tonn’s Clover Honey, 32 oz. 1078655

Meanwhile, Back at The Kidron Retail Store…
As many of you know, our Kidron store is packed with thousands of items, even more than our catalog or our website. Of the thousands of items at the store, we’ve found that one new category particularly resonates with our customers: Lehman’s Candy Land.

Tasty old-time gum!

It’s chock full of fun, sweet treats, both old and new! The Claeys candies are leaders, followed closely by Black Jack, Beeman’s and Clove chewing gums. (Both are available online too.) Suckers with a vintage flavor are also popular, especially old-time Rock Candy.

Before we leave the sweet stuff behind, let me just say this: When you visit our Kidron store, take a moment to look across the lobby aisle from Candy Land. If you love retro stuff, you’ll adore our Soda Pop Shop, just opposite Candy Land–we have over 300 different kinds of glass-bottled carbonated sodas. (The Kidron store root beer selection: over 70 different varieties!)

These flavors are available online and in-store.

For a preview, check out our online selection, which features six classic flavors, including Dad’s Root beer.

If you want to know more about any item featured in this article, you can search the website, Lehmans.com, or call our customer service line: 1-877-438-5346. Or visit our Kidron store: click here for hours.