The Saga of the Exquisite Bostofornia Bean

Editor’s Note: With Labor Day fast approaching, many folks are casting about for “the best” baked bean recipe for family picnics. Give this one a try, and then drop us a line and let us know how it worked for you!

I like beans.  I say this with no pretense to humility nor assertion of especial manliness, simply that not only are they an under-appreciated food, they can taste very good indeed and provide us, for very little money, with substantial nutritional benefits.  Their famed side effect only adds to their charm, albeit in a somewhat collegial way, and can hardly be said to detract overall. Continue reading

Make Aunt Lena’s Dilly Beans

My Great-Aunt Lena, with Great-Uncle Bill, looking just as I remember them. Photo courtesy Gary Jervis.

When I was a kid, we always had a family reunion with Mom’s people in the summer. Everyone brought wonderful things from their gardens. The huge buffet set up in the red brick picnic shelter that was the center of all fair-weather family activities. My Great Uncle Bill and his brothers built the city park-sized shelter themselves, in Aunt Lena and Uncle Bill’s huge backyard. Continue reading

Power Through Laundry–Even When There’s No Power!

Be ready in a crisis! Available at or Lehman’s in Kidron, Ohio.

I tend to be a weather watcher. When you live out in the country, the weather matters. Just about a year ago now, a late October snow storm knocked out the power for several weeks here in Massachusetts. We ended up with several of our adult children returning home with their families until the power was restored, not because we had power but because we’re equipped to manage better without it than most people. Continue reading

Name Our “American Farmer”!

From left: Jay Lehman, “American Farmer”, and wood artist Joe Watkins.

“Wow, look at that!” “He’s huge!” “What’s his name?”

All these comments and more floated through the air at our Kidron store last few days, as our guests got an eyeful of a wonderfully unique wood sculpture of a larger-than-life farmer by Joe Watkins, a Lehman’s customer and friend. Continue reading

Get Involved With a New Take On Food and Community

Editor’s Note: The Lehman family have always been involved in supporting community and helping folks live a secure, satisfying life. Our founder Jay’s son Kevin is taking a new and modern take on that philosophy. We’re pleased to share his project with you.

Kevin Lehman celebrates his MBA graduation last summer with his son, Asher.

Greetings!  My name is Kevin.  I’m the son of Jay Lehman, the founder of Lehmans. I spent much of the 90s as the Lehmans Catalog Director but for the past decade I’ve lived in Vermont, a state of immense beauty where Lehmans is well known. In fact, Vermont has more Lehmans customers per capita than any other state! Continue reading

Mysteries of Jelly Making: How Calcium Water Works

Author and blogger Kathy Harrison

I’m a curious cook. I like to understand the why’s of what I’m doing in the kitchen so when I began using Pomona’s Universal Pectin I wondered about why this product was so different from the powdered pectins I had used for years. Continue reading

A Pro Chimney Sweep’s Tips For Wood Heat Safety

Simon Anderson, in the Stove Room at Lehman’s in Kidron, Ohio.

“The biggest mistake most folks make is that they don’t burn the fire hot enough. A hot fire, within the limits of your firebox, is the best thing you can do for your chimney. It will keep creosote from building up in the chimney, and it’ll be hot enough to dry out any creosote that may be building up there.”

Continue reading

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Easy-To-Make Frugal Firestarters

Winter’s coming! Do you have quick, clean, efficient way to start your wood fires? Check out this nifty family-centered project from earlier this year. –Editor

This is a a project you’ll use in cold weather, but you’re going to need to save up some of the supplies for this type of firestarter, so start now! You need lint. Yes, dryer lint, and lots of it. Continue reading

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Wood Stove Primer: Find Your Best Heating Bet

Nowadays the homeowner wanting the warmth and cost savings of heating with wood has nearly endless options. There are fireplace inserts, wood furnaces, and wood stoves made of sheet steel, cast iron, glass or soapstone. You can get ventless, through-the-wall vented or more traditional flue vented units. Fuel can be seasoned hardwood you cut or buy, bags of processed hardwood pellets, or coal. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, as we’ll explore in the next few paragraphs.

Inexpensive Heat Stoves
Heat stoves range from a couple hundred dollars for a simple barrel kit or box wood-fired cast iron stove up to a few thousand dollars for a soapstone or exquisitely ornate cast centerpiece for any room. Lehman’s has them all, so to simplify the options we’ll discuss them in three categories. Continue reading