5 Holiday Baking Annoyances (and how to solve them)

At Lehman’s, our goal is to provide you with simple products for a simpler life – and that goal extends way into the busy Christmas season! That’s why we’re very happy when we hear that our products help people make life a little easier or less stressful. Since it’s officially time for Christmas baking, we’re sharing 5 ways to solve those annoying little bumps in your cookie baking experience. Bake on!

5 Holiday Baking Problems + How to Solve Them

Problem: Waiting hours for all the cookies to be baked
Solution: Magnum Cookie Sheet

magnum cookie sheet

Everyone knows the fun begins when it’s time to DECORATE the cookies, so how do you save time and still have the freshest cookies to decorate? This cookie sheet is how. Measuring a massive 21″ x 17″, it’s so large that we recommend measuring your oven inside before ordering one. Being able to bake up to 3 dozen cookies at one time is worth the extra storage space for this baby!

Problem: Your prizewinning dessert is smooshed when you get to the party.
Solution: Stainless Steel Cake Pan with Raised Lid

ss cake pan holidayYour Pinterest-inspired, painstakingly created, marshmallow-mousse-topped dessert will arrive in pristine condition, ready to show off and enjoy. Enough said!

Problem: Dimly lit kitchen/Your eyes aren’t what they used to be
Solution: Oak Cookbook Holder

cookbook holderTired of bending over to read Grandma’s cursive handwriting, the small-print, batter-stained cookbook or the text on your ipad? Raise the words and save your eyes! Our gorgeous Amish-crafted cookbook holder also prevents splatters from getting on your cherished recipes or electronic devices. 

Problem: Sore feet and back from standing in the kitchen
Solution: Premium Wellness Mat

wellness mats

Treat your feet (and knees and back, and neck) to a comfortable, downright cushy place to stand while you’re mixing, molding and decorating those Christmas creations. Just place this top-quality, American-made mat in the area where you stand the most – by the stove, sink, or counter – for instant comfort. With a 7-year warranty, it’ll be around for lots of Christmases to come. Two styles and two great colors to choose. (Hint: Also great for workshops and work areas.)

Problem: No time to make extra snacks after all that baking
Solution: Sweet, salty, crunchy Chocolate Potato Chip Caramel Corn (on sale for a limited time!)


We made the perfect snack for you. And, to introduce our newest chocolate concoction, we’re giving you dollars off a big, 16-oz tub of irresistible Chocolate-Drizzled Potato Chip Caramel Corn (for a limited time). Oh, and don’t forget our other chocolate treasures for Christmas – more delectable choices than we’ve ever had before!