61 inch cut diesel mower for sale

Scag MowerSingle parent family started a buisness and no one would help us keep it running now we are out of buisness and have one item for sale.61 inch turbo diesel mower with grass clam shell catcher this is a commerical unit and does an amazing job. We paid 19,800 for this in canadian dollars we are selling it for 14000 in order to keep our family together and pay off bills and debt. Thats five thousand dollars saved for the buyer of this great mower.Its a saber tooth tiger Scag and its the best mower i have ever ran and i have ran them all from john deere to dixie chopper. This is the heaviest built machine on the market and will last the farmer or home owner with large lawns decades not just a few years.Alisha Hillmaneditors note: I have removed the email address from this post to prevent the sellers email address getting spammed. If a buyer is interested in contacting the seller please respond and I will make sure you are connected. Thank you.