8 Fun Uses For Strawberry Baskets

Sure, our Old-Time Poplar Strawberry Basket is great for collecting strawberries–shoot, they’re great for collecting any kind of small produce. But what if you have a few extra? What can you do with them?

Well, in my case, #1 on the list has already happened. I needed a couple of small Easter baskets for the daughters of friends, and I had a few of the strawberry baskets handy. And that got me to thinking…and I came up with eight other uses for these handy baskets.

1. Small Easter basket–see photos below!
2. Take-away party favor: you won’t need a box.
3. Place card: At picnics, include napkins, flatware.
4. Gift box: Great for odd-shaped small items. Decorate it!
5. Hair stuff box: pony tail elastics, hair bands, bobby pins, etc.
6. Craft supplies container–look in the background of the photos.
7. Pencil cup: I’d line it with fabric; great for deep desk drawers.
8. Container for small toys; use for children or to corral pet toys

A last minute flash of inspiration:  Use the basket as a base for a giant pincushion! (I’m making one of these now, and will post the how-to and photos when it’s done!)