8 Solutions for Natural Pest Control

Upcycled Bat House

Did you know bats eat mosquitoes and other pesky bugs? Keep reading below to find more natural pest control solutions, like our bat house (pictured above).

Tired of dealing with pesky mole hills and destructive rodents? Did mosquitoes keep you away from last summer’s outdoor fun? Then it’s time to do something about it!

It can be frustrating when pests are interfering with your home or day-to-day activities. Last year, I heard a buzzing sound in my house and thought I had a pesky fly buzzing around the room. When it turned out that pesky fly was actually dozens of yellow jackets, well…I was a bit alarmed.

The good news is that there are alternatives to chemical pest control solutions as well as chemical-free ways to prevent pests from moving in. Before bringing chemicals into your home and yard, consider these alternative natural solutions.

Solutions for Moles and Rodents

#1. Mole Chasing Windmill

mole chasing windmill

Our Mole Chasing Windmill helps keep moles away and looks great in your yard.

Looking for a humane way to deter moles from residing in your yard and garden? This visually-appealing, popular windmill repels moles with a simple breeze. As the blades spin, they send vibrations through the ground, sending moles running.

Helpful Tips: For this tool to work, you need wind. It’s also best suited for soil with clay content. (Sandy soil is less effective since the vibrations don’t travel as far.)

Read the story behind of our Mole Chasing Windmill here.

#2. Catch and Release Trapshavahart large animal trap
Havahart traps are perfect for safely relocating animals, whether it’s from your garden or attic. Choose the medium trap for rabbits, minks, and large squirrels. Choose the large trap for raccoons, woodchucks, porcupines and opossums.

The Live Critter Catcher is designed for catching and releasing smaller rodents, like mice, shrews, chipmunks and ground squirrels.

#3. Natural Rodent Repellentfresh cab natural rodent repellentBe proactive at keeping mice and other pests away before they become a problem. I’ve successfully used this natural repellent to keep mice from returning to my grandmother’s garage and car. It’s potent stuff, blended with botanicals and natural oils like pine, cedar and lavender and works up to 30 days before you need to replace the pouch.

Solutions for Mosquitoes and Insects

#4. Tabletop Essential Oil Diffusertabletop essential oil diffuserRepel mosquitoes without sticky sprays. This diffuser releases a special mixture of essential oils to keep mosquitoes and other pesky insects away.

#5. Mosquito Killer Lanternmosquito killer lanternThis rechargeable mini lantern provides usable light and features an Ultraviolet LED to attract and eliminate mosquitoes.

#6. Bat Houses

Upcycled Bat House

You can hang up a bat house near your garden or yard to help attract bats. Available at Lehmans.com

Bats are a huge help in reducing mosquitoes, black flies and fruit flies in your area. Plus, they pollinate fruit crops and plants. Hang up one of these bat houses to attract them to your yard, so they’ll take care of the pesky bugs.

If you want to build your own bat house, try this kit.

#7. Reusable Yellow Jacket Trapreusable yellow jacket trapThis yellow jacket trap is designed, so you can reuse it season after season.

#8. Leather Fly Swatterleather fly swatterHere in Ohio farm country, we’ve got fly-swatting down to a fine art. Try our durable leather fly swatter.

You can find more natural pest control solutions and other helpful tools in our Kidron store, or shop our online selection.


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