A Digital-Free Barnyard

By Jurgen Haver

Editors Note: Jurgen Haver is the husband of Judith Costello, one of Lehman’s Country Life long time contributors.

Just this week I read the results of three research studies. The first said the average child spends 45 hours a week in the digital world (cell phone, TV, games, texting, computer). Next was a study that concluded cell phones and e-mails help children socialize better. The last one was convinced that all of these digital tools were changing the way young people’s brains actually work and was probably not a good thing.

So, as I often do, I went out and talked to my animals about it. You can trust animals, you know. Here’s what I learned:

  • Our pinto does not have video games but she has lots of time to horse around.
  • Our chickens do not have their images on My Face, proving they’re not such dumb clucks after all.
  • Our pig does not have a cell phone and so is never tempted to hog all the minutes.
  • Our cows are not interesting in texting each other because they’re convinced the it’s just a lot of bull.
  • Our sheep do not have High Definition TV which means they never have to decide which of the new season’s shows are good and which are baaaaaaaad.

So I’ve taken a tip from my animals and have done away with all of that digital stuff. Except for High Definition football, e-mails, word processing programs and my handy cell phone. What was that? I just heard my cat say phfffft and my dog has begun howling. Oh well, what do they know anyway?

About the Author: Jurgen Haver and his family live at Sagging Acres Farm in rural New Mexico. Jurgen has been a business consultant to CEOs and politicians for over forty years.

About Judith Costello

A certified art therapist, Judith is the author of numerous articles and books on parenting and child development, including Zen Parenting. She writes from Moriarty, New Mexico.

One thought on “A Digital-Free Barnyard

  1. I loved your article…so funny and so true. Hey we maybe neighbors…we live in Moriarty, Nm too :-)