An Update on Orders

Thank you from all of us at Lehman’s – we appreciate your support and business more than you can know. We apologize that our phone lines are so busy and we have shipping delays, even though we added a second shift. We are working very hard to catch up, but the warehouse is about a week behind and vendors are having trouble filling our orders. We know you want to know where you order is. Here is some basic information on some of our most popular products.

Canned Meat – 27 oz and 28 oz cans will arrive to you about 2-4 weeks after you order.

Canned Meat – 14 oz cans – Next available ship date is at least 10 weeks. We suggest you order the large can.

Water Filters – Most available in 2-6 weeks.

Freeze-Dried Food – Most items can be delivered to you in less than four weeks.

Gardening Items – If back ordered, expect delivery in less than four weeks. (Most are in stock.)

Canning Supplies – About three weeks, except on canning lids where delivery is just over four weeks.

Oil Lamps – If currently out of stock, allow 4-12 weeks for delivery. (Most are in stock.)

LED/Battery Lighting – If currently out of stock, allow 2-4 weeks for delivery. (Most are in stock.)

Puzzles – About two weeks in most cases. The factory is closed so further production is not possible, but a skeleton staff is shipping from existing stock. If the factory runs out of a specific design, we recommend trying a different one. Many other styles are available.

We’re embarrassed that the list of back orders is so long. It’s entirely the fault of the factory being unable to keep up with changing customer demand. In many cases, the factory closed temporarily due to the pandemic.

We will keep this list updated on a regular basis. And thank you again for your order and for your patience.



CEO of Lehman’s

Galen Lehman

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Lehman's CEO and son of founder Jay Lehman. Homesteads on five acres. Believes in a Simpler Life...rewarding relationships, fresh, local (preferably homegown) food and the gratification of hard work. Plant a tree!

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