At A Glance: Pressure Canners, Water Bath Canners, Pressure Cookers

10 qt High-Quality Pressure Canner

10 qt High-Quality Pressure Canner

“I need a pressure cooker for canning season.” Here at Lehman’s, we hear that sentence often! And we know what you mean, we really do. You want a pressure canner to put up your produce. Here’s a quick comparison of pressure canners, water bath canners and a look at what a pressure cooker can do for you.

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The pressure cooker (photo, right), is also handy to have around the house. You can make stews, soups, amazingly tender meat dishes in less than with standard baking or stovetop cooking methods.

You can use a pressure cooker on any stove, even an induction stove.  Modern pressure cooker pans and skillets are safe, easy to clean, and help preserve vitamins and minerals in your foods, because the cooking time is shortened.

They’re not made to can–just to cook great food fast!