Backstage at Lehman’s: Canning Seminar at Kinfolk!

In late September, Lehman’s was pleased to provide jars, water bath canners, jar lifters and other canning supplies for a canning workshop sponsored by Kinfolk magazine.

Many of the folks who attended have posted some great reviews (our half-pint jars were a big hit with NINE05!), and some gorgeous pictures. Thank you all so very much for the mentions and the lovely photos. We’re so glad we could help.

Photos below courtesy of Sweet Root Village–thank you for letting us share with Country Life readers.

A gorgeous table, ready for the workshop dinner. Check out the country-classy touches: jars as glasses and vases, favors (how cute are the spoons?) tied with twine

Puppy on the porch, guarding a lovely potting bench (that looks like this one).

Tomatoes ready for processing.

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One thought on “Backstage at Lehman’s: Canning Seminar at Kinfolk!

  1. Hey there! So glad you all saw my post about the half-pint jars, I really loved working with them – I think that’s what my next jam goes into. They are just fabulous and you all were so generous to contribute our supplies!

    Just wanted to correct a small typo, my blog’s name is actually nine05, not Around Here, and there’s only one blogger: little old me. :)