Believe It or Not!

Baker's Edge Brownie PanFrom the very start, our Edge Brownie Pans were so popular that we’ve had trouble keeping them in stock. We have always said the only thing that would improve this already high-quality item is if it were made in the USA (originally they were imported from China).  Dreams do come true, because this manufacturer has just announced that it has brought production BACK to the United States! So now you can have all the edge pieces you could want, baked to perfection in a USA-made pan.

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Sarah K is Lehman’s illustrious Catalog Editor. When she’s not agonizing over layout or testing new products, she can be found riding one of her four horses. She’s also a professional horse trainer and stall mucker extraordinaire.

One thought on “Believe It or Not!

  1. I’m so glad these are now in stock. Hey, what a wonderful Valentine’s Day gift – chocolate-y brownies with those crispy, chewy edges! Mmmmm…