Buggy Barn Mural Update

I spent a good part of the day yesterday getting back into the swing of things at the Kidron store in the Buggy Barn. The wall of roosting chickens I began painting a few months ago now is almost complete– heads and all! A couple chickens were in the unfortunate position of not having a head for the last 3 months! Even though many customers mentioned being in grampa’s barn as a kid and their memories of ‘headless’ chickens I didn’t want to go there in this buggy barn! I told them this buggy barn would be peaceful! The chickens now look much happier!

I enjoyed meeting and talking with people at the store and getting the instant feedback to my artwork. This really is the best part of this project! So if you are in the store please stop by!

I will probably move on to a large back wall starting next week to paint a life sized hitching post with a couple Amish buggy horses tied to it. My hope is to give the impression of being in an actual buggy barn so of course you have to have buggy horses tied right outside! As many of you may know in our little town of Kidron there is a very large hitching post directly across from Lehman’s. I will paint a simplified version of this with the Lehman’s sign off in the distance just as you see at the actual hitching post in Kidron. I am creating a space for people to stand beside the life sized buggy horse mural to take photos as a keepsake from their visit to Lehman’s.

To see the ‘works in progress’ pics stop by often! I will post here on a regular basis so you can see it take shape. To see the completed outdoor murals that are a part of the outdoor cafe area go to the Mural link of the blog’s front page. To see more of my artwork go to www.suesteiner.com Thanks for stopping by!

About Sue Steiner

I am a professional artist living in the Kidron area. With a farming background and my love for animals and anything agricultural it was a natural fit when Lehman's asked me to paint the murals you see at the Kidron store. My biggest project to date was the mural of a life sized team of Amish work horses at the hitching post in the Buggy barn. I have the pleasure of adding to the murals on an ongoing basis as a painting demonstration during store hours on many Fridays. I also have the pleausre of bringing Ohio Arts and Crafts Guild members to the store for a wide variety of demos. You can find the demo schedule on this web site under the Events tab. It is always a pleasure to be in the store meeting new folks. I find Lehman's customers to be the very best, down to earth people! It is also my pleasure to help network with all the talented artists and crafters in the area.

2 thoughts on “Buggy Barn Mural Update

  1. Welcome back Sue! I love your work…I see it almost every day but I never get tired of looking at it. I’m looking forward to seeing the hitching post mural take shape!

  2. Thank you Galen. It is good to be back.

    I was working on getting the rooster’s expression just right on Friday. The phrase ‘cock-eyed’ kept coming to mind as I painted him! I’ll post a photo soon and yu’ll see why that phrase would come to mind.

    I think its interesting how our language has been shaped by our agricultural background as other common phrases like ‘he’s so hen pecked’ or ‘that looks like chicken scratch’ are rooted in barns just like the buggy barn! Another phrase I am well acquainted with since my kids have become teen agers is ‘your room looks like a pig sty! :)

    I think I’ve decided to put a jersey cow on the sliding door closet to the entrance since many Amish families have Jerseys as their family cow. They also have those lovely faces and expressions!