Buy-Way and Barbecue: Fun In and Around Kidron

After the annual Mennonite Relief Sale and Auction is over, folks think we just settle down into a sleepy fall routine around here in the Kidron and Dalton areas. But that’s not true!

Lincoln Highway commemorative marker near Canton, Ohio.

In fact, our area is part of one of the most famous roadside sales ever: The Lincoln Highway ‘Buy-Way’! From August 9 through August 11, folks will be traveling America’s first coast-to-coast paved road, which was started with private funds back in 1913, as a memorial to former president Abraham Lincoln.

Here in Dalton, we’re revving things up with a village-wide garage sale–just swing into town off Route 30 (just past Kidron Road, where you’d turn off for Lehman’s Hardware), and see what goodies are just waiting for you. Find out more about the  Lincoln Highway here:; and the sale here:

Don’t Be Chicken: Kidron Firemen’s BBQ Fundraiser Tuesday, August 14
Held in downtown Kidron between the fire station and the auction grounds, (near Lehman’s Hardware) this fundraiser is hailed far and wide as having the best food in town. Although dinner is served beginning at 5 p.m., the grills are smoking long before that, and it seems that everyone in town is lining up for this outstanding chicken dinner.

About 5,000 of Gerber’s Poultry’s best chickens will be roasted, smoked and sauced. Carry-out dinners can be picked up at 3:30 p.m., but for those who prefer the festival atmosphere, food line service begins at 5 p.m. Call 330-857-3431 or 800-589-9749 for more information.