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Always wanted to try ___? Start smart with a kit.

Contrary to popular opinion, it just isn’t possible to make a living selling some

Our starter set includes everything you need to make several batches - enough to wash more than 800 loads at less than 7¢ per load.

Our starter set includes everything you need to make several batches of homemade laundry soap – enough to wash more than 800 loads at less than 7¢ per load.

honey, maple syrup and candles at a farm stand. I have to do other things — many, many other things — to avoid leaving home and hearth to pay the bills. I do a fair bit of writing and I teach a lot of workshops. Some have to do with my work with children impacted by abuse, neglect and foster care (my other life) and many are focused on teaching traditional skills like soap making, candle dipping, food preservation and making herbal salves and ointments.

I teach classes on how to do these things the traditional way, but I’m definitely not a purist. In fact, I’m a big fan of beginner’s kits. There are all kinds of kits available for all of the skills mentioned and just about any other you can think of. In fact, I got my start in mastering a lot of skills by purchasing said kits. Continue reading

Grandma’s Butter Churn is Back, And Totally Cool

We can all agree that there’s a modern disconnect between us and our food. We’ve

Lehman's has redesigned and resurrected the old beloved Dazey churns of the past - now easier to use than ever. At Lehmans.com and our store in Kidron.

Lehman’s has redesigned and resurrected the old beloved Dazey churns of the past – now easier to use than ever. At Lehmans.com and our store in Kidron.

simply forgotten what goes into it, and where it comes from.One of our favorite stories from our store happened as a staff member was demonstrating our most popular butter churn. The clear glass jar was filled with cream, and she was churning away when a little girl stopped to watch with her mother. They oohed, ahhed and then wandered away. A little while later, after the cream had turned to butter, the little girl returned to the area and exclaimed,”Oh, I missed it! When did you put in the butter?” Continue reading

Happy New Year!

From all of us at Lehman’s, our very best wishes for a happy, healthy and prosperous 2015.


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Homemade Gelato: A Tasty Take on Ice Cream

Homemade Gelato

Homemade chocolate gelato . . . looks good, right?

Wondering what to make for your upcoming cookouts and picnics? I was in the same situation when I was invited to a Fourth of July picnic last weekend. I always bring a dessert of some kind, but I wanted something different this time, something that involved no boxed mixes and that would please a crowd. That’s when I turned to gelato.
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The Backyard Barista: Best Caprineccino Ever!

 To round out the Dairy Month of June, Jenna Wogenrich, homesteader and author joins Country Life to share how her goat makes the perfect cup of joe!

Alpine doe goat

Jenna’s Alpine doe goat, Bonita, one of several productive animals at Cold Antler Farm.

I put off keeping dairy animals for a long time. They were intimidating to me, as I think they are to a lot of farm-curious folks. Unlike other livestock that has a lot of flexibility surrounded your schedule and their care – an animal with a full udder has a very specific dance card. You and she have a tango twice a day, every day. It’s a serious commitment, but let’s not take ourselves too seriously. Raising goats is a lot of fun and I am going to share with you just one of the many reasons why a backyard goat could make your life a whole lot better:

The most amazing cup of coffee in the entire world!

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Celebrate Dairy Month: Whip Up Some Neufchatel!

Kathy Anderson is an enthusiastic cook, and always enjoys a challenge. “Cream cheese,” she said. “How hard could it be? It’s a soft cheese, so the most it’ll take is time.” Below, she shares her adventure, step by step, including how she handled the purchase of a major ingredient! (She’s lucky: her Brownsburg, IN-area dairy delivers to her door!) Continue reading

Fancy Flavored Coffee Creamers, Made Right At Home

Green glass pitchers

Serve your homemade creamer in these charming Italian Glass Pitchers from Lehman’s!

Coffee creamers come in a wide variety of flavors these days.  Unfortunately those flavored creamers also tend to be full of preservatives and chemical stabilizers.

I have a family full of people with allergies and sensitivities to some of those chemicals, so I started exploring ways to make my own flavored creamers with more natural ingredients. It’s gone well, and I’m happy to share my recipe with you. Continue reading

For The Love Of Yogurt…Make Your Own!

Yogotherm Yogurt Incubator

Yogotherm Yogurt Incubator is available at www.lehmans.com or Lehman’s in Kidron, Ohio.

I grew up here in Arizona.  As a child, we lived in the middle of nowhere outside Phoenix.  What are now strip malls and housing developments was just desert in the early 60’s.  Hot, dry desert.

My father was interested in all kinds of things.  He experimented with everything from greenhouses to healthy foods.  We were the only children who had to eat wheat germ on our cereal.  We weren’t allowed dyed foods or much sugar.  Dad kept bees.  We ate honey.  He was ahead of his time in a lot of ways.  I thought he was crazy.

Before yogurt was commonly sold in grocery stores, flavored with everything imaginable and loaded with sugar, gelatin and who knows what else, my dad was making yogurt.  Worse yet, he was making us eat yogurt.  He made it by burying jars of milk in the ground.  He said that’s how people did it in the Middle East.  Didn’t he know we lived in Arizona?  This stuff made wheat germ taste like candy!  It was horrible.  He ate it warm!  He made us eat it warm.  Even our dog wouldn’t eat it.  But we had to “try it.”  Yuk. Continue reading