The Season for Sauerkraut (and all its cousins)

Our family has tinkered with making sauerkraut for about a decade now but this season we have become fermentation fanatics. After attending a couple seminars and reading more from marvelous books from Lehman’s (Making Sauerkraut and Pickled Vegetables, Nourishing Traditions, and Wild Fermentation) we are understanding more of the health benefits and the culinary pleasures of lacto-fermenting foods. So our fridge and root cellar are starting to burst with sauerkraut and all its cousins kim-chi, dill pickles, peach chutney, salsa, dilly beans, corn relish, garlic scapes and more. All of it is still raw and full of amazing enzymes, beneficial bacteria and fresh-from-the-garden goodness to keep us going through the winter months. Continue reading

Canning 101: The Basics

Black Granny Ware Canner

Black Granny Ware Canner

Editor’s Note: Canning season is well upon us! Due to a huge interest from our customers, here is a repost of one of our most popular articles. Get the tools you need for safe, successful canning at – we’ve got some great new products, too, including the much-talked-about reusable canning jar lids. Happy preserving.

By the end of this month, many gardens are coming right along. Before you know it, plants will share the bounty of the summer and you’ll be knee-deep in zucchini or green beans. What do you plan to do with the extra that you can’t eat or enjoy at the moment? Preserve your extra produce for use in the fall and winter! Whether you freeze, can, or dry your food depends upon the space and equipment you have available and what your personal preferences happen to be. This article will focus on the safety issues and canning basics.  Continue reading