The List Maker’s Spring Checklist

Not everybody is like me. My wife would tell you that she thanks God every day for that fact. But I’m a list maker and prefer to make detailed outlines of what I need to do today, tomorrow, next week, next month and so on. Continue reading

Hearthstone Stoves: Long-Lasting, Ultra-Reliable Heat (And Beauty, Too)


Have really large area to heat? The Hearthstone Mansfield is our most popular big stove.

Hearthstone is the only stove company that uses a solid 1 ¼” thick soapstone panel for the walls and top (the actual body of the stove). This is important because soapstone has extraordinary heat retention and transfer properties…it works better than any other material used for woodstove construction. Continue reading

Wood Stove Primer: Find Your Best Heating Bet



Nowadays the homeowner wanting the warmth and cost savings of heating with wood has nearly endless options. There are fireplace inserts, wood furnaces, and wood stoves made of sheet steel, cast iron, glass or soapstone. You can get ventless, through-the-wall vented or more traditional flue vented units. Fuel can be seasoned hardwood you cut or buy, bags of processed hardwood pellets, or coal. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, as we’ll explore in the next few paragraphs. Continue reading