Living With A Woodstove: 4 Tools That Shine

The wood ash, oh, the never-ending wood ash. It finds its way everywhere, eventually. When we moved into this one-room 1800s home, we did not anticipate all that heating our home solely with wood would entail. Continue reading

A Simpler Summer Breakfast: Homemade Granola

As a busy (and working part-time) mom, I lack the time in the mornings to create a farmstead feast for my family. However, we have found a way for all of us to eat a filling, wholesome and delicious breakfast before we head out the door: I started making my own granola several years ago and I’ve never looked back! Continue reading

The Joy and Practicality of Home Canning

What is the allure of canning? What makes a person want to invest their time, energy, and especially their money in the process of preserving their own food? Continue reading

The ‘Triangle of Construction’ on a Homestead

I sat down with a friend the other night who has operated a local timber-framing company for nearly twenty years now. His words of wisdom will serve me well on my growing homestead – and maybe you, too. Continue reading

Real Food, Real Life: City Girl Churns Butter

Alison and her husband Jacob.

Alison and her husband Jacob.

This might be the coolest blog post I’ve written in a long time, if not ever. It’s all about the magical, real essence of butter. Continue reading

4 Ways to Get Organized for Spring Cleaning

It’s here, it’s here – the First Day of Spring! Here in Ohio, the weather may or may not cooperate on this “official” day, but just imagine: very soon, we’ll all be throwing open the windows, shaking out the rugs and giving the whole house a breath of fresh air. Continue reading

Make Homemade Laundry Soap for 7 Cents a Load

As homeowners and homesteaders look for satisfying ways to simplify their lives and keep costs down, many are making their own soaps. Making homemade laundry soap can slash the cost of keeping laundry clean while extending the life of clothing, towels and other laundry. Continue reading