Safely Heating a Yurt With Wood

the yurt before chimney

Here’s a photo of Hannah’s yurt last summer before the chimney was installed.

My 24-foot diameter yurt is a 450 square foot living space, with lightly insulated cloth walls over a wooden lattice structure. When I think about building a fire in there, I think it had better be done safely! I also notice that the space heats up quickly, as it’s not all that large after all, but the heat dissipates quickly after the fire goes out, too. Better insulation than mine would be a must if I needed to count on my dwelling staying above freezing when I’m away for the day. Continue reading

5 Winter Steps to a Rockin’ Summer Garden

fresh veggies on the tableSpring will be here before you know it! Have you ever heard someone say something like that? Sounds kind of silly when we are in the coldest snap of my memory and my breath is freezing on my hair and we’re taking five trips a day to the barn with water for the animals. Continue reading

Roast Beef and Barley Build the Best Cold Weather Soup

Editor’s Note: This article was originally published in January 2015. Since most of us have been experiencing bitter cold temperatures lately, we thought a good, hot soup is just what we need. Enjoy!

After a frantic few weeks of holiday cooking, you’re probably ready to put together some meals that are nearly heat and eat. Beef Barley Soup can do that for you, putting roast beef leftovers to good use, and adding barley for more protein and staying power. We usually plan for a chuck or arm roast that will allow us to have a pound or so of meat left, and we usually freeze a fourth to a half batch of the beef and barley soup made from the leftover beef. Continue reading

Happy New Year! Try Something New in 2018

lehman's in winterHappy New Year from Kidron, Ohio and all of us at Lehman’s. We hope the new year will bring you peace, joy and the start of new traditions!

If you’re still trying to finalize those New Year’s resolutions, consider this. One of the most rewarding experiences is learning something new. It can help you step out of your comfort zone, become more self-sufficient, and build lasting connections with family and friends. Continue reading

Grow Your Own Backyard Orchard Checklist

half bushel basketsEditor’s Note: Last week, we covered sustainable, organic ways to grow your own orchard. Now it’s time to start planning! Here is a checklist organized by months to get your orchard growing. We also have this available in a pdf, so you can just print it off. Click here to get the pdf.

Continue reading

How to Make Apple Cider Vinegar

Make apple cider vinegarWhen I first started to make apple cider vinegar, my husband gave me that you’re-overcomplicating-this-why-don’t-you-just-buy-it look.

I promise, it’s a very specific look. You can’t miss it. Continue reading

Digital Dude Discovers Simplicity (And You Can, Too)

From his office on main street, Scott and his 10 co-workers spend their days in the digital world. “I sit at my computer all day, every day, building online advertising campaigns,” said Scott, who lives in Colorado. “I was working on the Lehman’s account and started watching the canning video. It just drew me in and I thought I can [pun intended] do this!” Continue reading

Savor Summer at Lehman’s: Join Us for Our August Events!

While back-to-school reminders and ads have been popping up for weeks now, there is still some summer fun to be had. This August, our retail store in Kidron, Ohio is full of activities, classes and happenings for the whole family. Continue reading

Sizzling August Events at Our Store

August 5 – Fermented Favorites Class– $15 • 2PM-3:30PM Local organic gardener and simple living expert, Karen Geiser, will discuss how to select produce and equipment, how the fermenting process works, and the health benefits of these “good for the gut” foods. Register here.

August 10-19 – Lehman’s Really Big Summer Sale Visit the store August 10th through the 19th for incredible discounts. Don’t miss out on this enormous sale!

August 11-12 – Amish Buggy Rides – $5 for Adults $3 for Kids Take a ride in an authentic Amish Buggy. Meet Roman and his horse Judy, as they take you around the grounds!

August 12 – Basic Water Bath Canning: Applesauce Start to Finish– $10 • 2PM – 3:30PM Join veteran canner Amy Murray on a homemade applesauce journey! Amy will start with raw apples and demonstrate step by step how to prepare, cook, process them. Plus learn to choose the correct jars and lids and finally how to can the applesauce in a water bath canner. There’s nothing like home-canned applesauce – come learn just how easy it is!

August 15 – The Art of Cold Framing – $10 • 2PM-3:00PM Come learn from local organic gardener and simple living expert, Karen Geiser, as she teaches how to get the greatest nutritional value out of the food you grow under a cold frame all winter long. Learn to grow salad greens into the winter months, even here in Ohio.

Is Your Canner Safe? Free Canner Testing August 16 – Canner Lid Testing, Mt Hope August 17 – Canner Lid Testing, Lehman’s A representative from Ohio State University’s Extension Office will be at Lehman’s and Mount Hope Hardware to test your dial gauge canner. You only need to bring the lid for testing, not the whole canner.

August 26 – Delicious DIY, Pie Baking 101 Class – $15 • 2PM Learn to create blue-ribbon-worthy, Grandma-would-be-proud homemade pies! From the perfect crust to the delicious end result, you’ll learn about the best pans to use, how to make beautiful crusts and tops, and you’ll go home with several recipes.

August 26 – Country Living Workshop $60 DAY PASS $15 FOR KIDS • $20 ONE CLASS ONLY Come all day or for just one class. Learn from trusted and knowledgeable homesteaders on topics ranging from beekeeping to raising chickens! Take home tips to get you started or further your homesteading journey.

Check out our events page on Facebook for a full listing of fun things to do. Visit and to register. And remember, we are always just a phone call (1-800-438-5346) or email ( away!