Crunches galore and a little boo-boo

Okay, we’ve all been getting a little slap-happy around the catalog office, it being a mere 11 days until Christmas and all.  That said, this posting is both a “Rant” and a “Rave” (not necessarily in that order).

Rave first: we’ve just added a really, really neat product to our website. (Personally, I wish we would’ve had these a tad bit sooner because they would make amazing stocking stuffers. But, what can you do?)

Several weeks ago we received a mysterious box in our department, full of what sounded like wooden marbles or ball bearings or something of the like. Our catalog editor discovered it was full of what looked exactly like miniature brown baseballs. Lo and behold, they were macadamia nuts, in the shell – and they’d been sent to us all the way from sunny Hawaii.

Now, normally it takes several months or longer for a new product to go from the idea stage to the catalog/website. But these nuts are SO good (and their harvest season is so short) we knew we had to offer them sooner. Plus, the grower in Hawaii offered to ship them direct – from his farm on “The Big Island” to our customers! So, here they are, just in time for the long winter months with nothing else to do except sit by the fire and crack and eat delicious, creamy, crunchy macadamia nuts.

And now, the “boo-boo”: we sent a mass email this morning proclaiming the last date to order gifts before Christmas, shipping-wise. No problem with any of the information, but there was an inadvertent typo in the subject line (a missing apostrophe). Even though this was NOT my mistake (Greg), as a former English major I am having trouble getting on with my day after this little oversight.

Maybe some more macadamia nuts would help…

2 thoughts on “Crunches galore and a little boo-boo

  1. Unfortunately, these nuts are no longer available for this year. Hopefully we will offer them this coming Christmas again, depending upon the timing of the growing/harvesting season in Hawaii. Look for them in several months!