Decking the Halls …

I love Christmas. It takes all my willpower to wait until the Thanksgiving dinner has been put away to get ornaments and lights out of storage. I have a staging area where I have all the gifts bought, wrapped, tagged and bowed, ready to be placed under the tree. To me, Christmas is not a day, it is the entire month of December. The music, the baking, the decorating, even the clothes (women, you know what I am talking about — the red sweaters and the sparkly accessories) — it all brings back wonderful memories of a special time of year.

For the first time, the Kidron store has been decorated with a number of Christmas trees. We have one in each major department, and most are decorated with products from our store. In our lobby, there is a massive spruce, covered with farm-related tools and toys. Check out the cute stacked animal ornaments. In our stove room, there is a huge wreath (that weighs over 70 pounds) on one wall, as well as a tree decorated with stove parts and hearth accessories. It doesn’t sound lovely perhaps, but it really is. We also have cozy seating arrangements, complete with garland and little white lights.

The toy room, which you can imagine is very popular this time of year, has an upside-down tree. Have you ever seen one of these? It is, well, upside-down, so the wide part is at the top and the skinny part touches the floor. It, too, is decorated with colorful toys available at Lehman’s.

We are also having local musicians in the store, each Thursday evening at 7 pm from now until Christmas: mark your calendar for Nov. 29 (bell choir), Dec. 6 (Central Varsity Singers); Dec. 13 (Dalton Jazz Band); and Dec. 20 (Sonnenberg Station). Because, as the song says, it’s beginning to look (and sound) a lot like Christmas…

Glenda Ervin

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Lehman’s Vice President of Marketing and daughter of founder Jay Lehman. She has filled her home with Lehman's products, and enjoys the challenge of using low tech in a high tech life. In addition to media relations and advertising for Lehman's, she speaks to groups about the history of Lehman's and the unique growth of the family owned and operated business.

2 thoughts on “Decking the Halls …

  1. I love Christmas, too, and like you, I’m ready as soon as Thanksgiving dinner is over. I’d love to see the trees in the store. I like those animal ornaments. :)