Lehman’s Demonstration Videos

Have you ever been curious about how a product that Lehman’s offers works? We’ve put together a couple of great videos from the recent Apple Day at Lehman’s Kidron, Ohio store. These demonstrations will be available in several locations: they are on Lehman’s  YouTube channel, they are available here on Lehman’s Country Life, and they will also be placed on Lehman’s.com.

The two videos feature Lehman’s best fruit press with grinder attachment and the Reading 78 Apple Peeler that is made at our store and boasts a design that dates back to 1878.

Lehman’s Best Fruit Press demonstration

In this video the fruit press is being used to make some tasty apple cider right outside our store. (Even our president, Galen Lehman, gets in on the fun.)

Lehman’s Apple Peeler Demonstration

The Reading 78 Apple Peeler is one of our core products at Lehmans and one of our best sellers – you’ll soon see why. The copy on the product page says it all:

It’s almost worth buying one just to watch it work. Peel over 10 apples per minute!

I agree, this thing is amazing! Watch below – no fuss, just stick the apple on the machine and crank, in a couple of seconds you have a perfectly peeled apple.

These are not the only demonstration videos available! I posted a video on Lehman’s YouTube channel demonstrating the daily maintenance on the Hitzer Coal Stove. These are just the beginning of the demonstration videos; we hope to add many more over the next several months. Enjoy!