Dietz: The Greatest Lantern Invented

For nearly 200 years, Dietz has been the standard bearer of lanterns.

Dietz quality – From the early days of R.E. Dietz to today, quality has been built into every Dietz lantern. In the 1800’s, Dietz was one of the first manufacturers in the USA to use steam machinery. Today, their highly automated plant is more modern than any other lantern company in China. They use heavier materials and build to closer tolerances than competing lanterns. R.E. Dietz produces consistent quality consistently.

Dietz safety – R.E. Dietz understands better than anyone the danger of combining open flame and flammable fluids. The Dietz tradition of safety goes back 170 years, and their lamps and lanterns are used safely every day in millions of homes and businesses all over the world.

Dietz durability – In today’s electrified world, most people never reach for a Dietz lantern unless they are in a dire situation. R.E. Dietz knows their lanterns have to perform every time, regardless of the situation. Whether you are in the African bush, Australian outback, facing down a Gulf hurricane or just dealing with another urban power failure, Dietz lanterns can light your world reliably and without fail.

Dietz efficiency – R.E. Dietz earned its stripes providing thousands of lights to massive commercial operations. They provided kerosene signal lights to America’s railroads, safety lamps on America’s streets and helped build the Panama Canal. When a commercial enterprise like the federal government or national railway buys thousands of lamps, every penny of operating cost counts. Dietz lanterns use patented airflow systems to wrest the most light possible from every molecule of lamp oil.

Dietz performance – R.E. Dietz made the first wind-proof lantern on the market. Today, every Dietz lantern stays lit no matter what the weather. You can swing it, hang it from moving vehicles or carry it into the teeth of a blizzard. Dietz lanterns won’t blow out.

Dietz simplicity – Except in Africa and other parts of the developing world, where Dietz lanterns are used nightly, most Dietz lanterns are only used for camping and emergencies. When the chips are down and your world goes dark without warning, you don’t want to have to reach for an owners manual, fumble with pumps or complex valve or worry about broken mantles. If you can find a match, you can light a Dietz lantern. It takes just 10 seconds and four simple steps: Raise the globe, light the wick, lower the globe and adjust the flame.

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