Yes, You CAN: Ridiculously Easy Home-Canned Grape Juice

Home-canned grape juice in jars

This is probably the easiest recipe you will find for making home canned grape juice. I LOVE how simple it is. No cooking, no squeezing, no juicing; how great is that? And the flavor is outstanding. Do give it a try!

Grape Juice (Quarts)
Ingredients per quart jar:
1/3 c. sugar
1 1/3 c. grapes (I like Scuppernongs)
boiling water

Wash the grapes well. Using a funnel and ladle, pour sugar and whole grapes into hot jars. Fill jars with boiling water to 1/2 in. headspace, then cover with lids and rings. Pressure can jars for 10 min. at 5 lbs. Allow to cool overnight before testing the seals on the lids. If any didn’t seal, refrigerate immediately.

The pressure from the canner causes the juice to squeeze out of the grapes and fill the jar. Most of the grape skins will fall to the bottom of the jar eventually, although it’s okay if some still float, they are easily strained out. A layer of sugar may harden at the bottom of each of the jars, but this will dissolve over time.

My only other advice: make more than you think you’ll need; it goes fast!


12 thoughts on “Yes, You CAN: Ridiculously Easy Home-Canned Grape Juice

  1. my mom made it this way…i made it this way last year. i’m trying your recipe, mine seemed too sweet last year..maybe this will be better! yum!!! just had some for breakfast this morning!!

  2. I made grape juice ONCE, what a mess! Wish I would have had this recipe when I still had grapes.

  3. My wife has canned grape juice from the grapes we grow. Our older son always comes over and takes a jar or two back to his house. Delicious!!!

  4. I don’t put sugar in my jars. Just grapes and water. Then, the next year I take the juice we haven’t drank and make jelly with it. It’s the easiest!!

  5. I have made this recipe for years. I’ve found almost any type of grapes will work, but my favorite are Concord.

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