Emergency Planning: Preparedness Month is Here

Basic Survival First Aid KitWe have a saying here at Lehman’s, “Be prepared, not scared.”

Preparedness is an important part of living a simpler life. Being prepared just means taking simple steps to keep yourself and your family safe and secure when supply lines are frayed or broken. Before you can plan, you should start with thinking about likely challenges you could face. Power outages and severe weather are common threats for many of us.

Do you have the necessary supplies to get by? Have you come up with a plan for your household? If the answer is “no,” don’t worry. We’re here to help!

Emergency Planning: Where to Start

A great place to start your emergency planning is with the four essentials: heat, light, water and food. Think about how you can secure a source of each essential that will work for the emergency you’re preparing for. For example, keeping a supply of shelf-stable food on hand, like canned meats or freeze-dried food, is perfect for extended power outages. You don’t have to worry about refrigeration, plus these types of foods have a longer shelf-life. 

Resources for PreparednessPrepping 101 Book

Each week in September, we will be featuring a different post all about preparedness, in hopes we can provide you some guidance along your way to living a simpler life.

We also carry some great preparedness books that are worth a read, like Prepping 101, Just in Case, and When Technology Fails.

And remember: there are many great online resources available to you as well. Check out American Red Cross and Ready.gov for additional advice and information.