Another Necktie? Never! (Practical, Fascinating Gifts for Dad)

father and son

Someone once said, “Fatherhood is pretending the present you love most is soap-on-a-rope.” This year, make sure Dad doesn’t have to pretend. Give him a gift he can really use, and his smile and “Wow!” will be 100% heartfelt.

garden torch

Is your Dad a Slayer of Weeds? Surprise him this year with a Handheld Garden Torch. Powered by a lightweight propane tank, it kills weeds right down to their roots and melts ice from sidewalks in winter, too. (Plus, it must be said: it’s very satisfying to use. Hard day? Go out and blast some weeds off the driveway.)

push pull hoe

Your Gardening Guru Dad will love our Push-Pull Hoe. Its sharp, serrated blades cut off weeds easily so he doesn’t have to stoop. One customer had been looking for this hard-to-find tool for a half a century! And whether or not your Dad is – ahem – folically challenged, make sure his noggin is protected from the sun and rain with a smart, stylish and very durable Sunset Straw Hat. They’re made by the Amish just a few miles from our store in Kidron.

Its name means "always good." Amish-made quality, made to last for generations.

Its name means “always good.” Amish-made quality, made to last for generations.

If Dad considers himself a Connoisseur of Cuisine (or anything remotely edible), he’ll love our tasty, old-timey concoctions like Ben’s Sweet & Hot Mustard, Succulent Popcorn, Nostalgic Candies and Authentic Shoofly Pie.  For the ULTIMATE gift, present Dad with a hand-cranked ice cream freezer, an ice cream spade and some Lehman’s Homemade Ice Cream Mix. The whole family can join in the fun of making the sweet, rich, creamy ice cream he remembers from his youth.


For Lumberjack Dads who find splitting wood necessary or simply therapeutic, no gift beats an old-fashioned Froe – it’s been used since the 1800s for log cabin building, making kindling and shingles and more. Serious woodchopping Dads will revel in our Amish-crafted axes from Maine – each blade is drop forged from high carbon steel, then hand-tempered, ground and finished by hand for top-notch craftsmanship Dad will appreciate for years. At the end of the day, Dad can relax with a good book – he’ll love A Reverence for Wood.

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  1. Ah, Eric Sloane. The Eric Sloane books should come with a disclaimer. “PLEASE HAVE ENOUGH SHELF SPACE”. Once you buy one Sloane book, you are without doubt going to buy more. I’ll admit to being a big enough addict that I’ve bought used copies just because “I might wear out my other one”