Got dust? They’re a MUST…

Late winter is usually a time when I gaze around the rooms of my home and notice how DUSTY everything has gotten. It’s been several weeks since the Christmas decorations were put away, and the obligatory cleaning done after. Although I dutifully clean the house each week (did I say week? I meant, er, month), it seems the dust piles up so quickly this time of year, when everyone is cooped up inside, the windows can’t be opened due to the cold and the pale winter sun shines in at odd angles, making tiny dust particles dance in the light whenever something is moved.

Lamb's Wool Dusters from Lehman's

Lamb’s Wool Dusters

From time to time a national magazine or other such media outlet chooses to grace its pages with one of Lehman’s unique products. We always get a huge run on whatever it is (around our office we jokingly refer to the Great Chocolate Chipper Disaster of 2008), and we’ve learned to be prepared. This time, it’s Culture Magazine featuring our USA-made lamb’s wool dusters in its March issue. (This is a pretty neat magazine -  all about one of the best things in life: CHEESE!)

Anyway, I must say that these dusters really live up to the reputation our customers have built for them over the years. They’re a simpler, more natural way to dust – no gag-inducing aerosol sprays – and they really do a great job. The reason is that  lamb’s wool contains natural lanolin and generates static electricity to attract dust – just like a magnet. Venetian blinds, oddly-shaped or intricate furniture, light fixtures – almost nothing is undustable with these babies.

Hopefully, we’ll be able to provide a link to the article in Culture featuring our dusters soon. Until then, check them out on our website – and check our Culture Magazine, too!