Grow Your Own Backyard Orchard Checklist

half bushel basketsEditor’s Note: Last week, we covered sustainable, organic ways to grow your own orchard. Now it’s time to start planning! Here is a checklist organized by months to get your orchard growing. We also have this available in a pdf, so you can just print it off. Click here to get the pdf.

__Order bareroot trees
__Inspect for pests
__Start seeds indoors
__Order orchard tools

__Begin dormant bench grafting
__Clean tools

__Prune apples, pears, and plums
__Clear remaining fruit
__Prune damaged limbs

__Plant trees at thaw
__Apply dormant oil spray 

__Plant perennials
__Apply holistic spray after petal drop
__Prune cherries, peaches, and apricots
__Start training limbs

__Thin fruit
__Clear fallen fruit weekly
__Use holistic spray weekly after petal fall

__Harvest cherries
__Hang apple maggot fly traps

fruit harvester

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__Harvest plums, apples, peaches, and apricots
__Add fresh mulch
__Prune apple trees

__Harvest apples, peaches, and pears

__Continue harvest
__Remove tree trainings
__Remove fly traps

__Put shredded leaves under trees
__Apply last spray
__Pull back mulch

__Protect trees from voles, rabbits, and deer

Remember! This checklist is a guide. Your orchard’s needs may vary depending on your climate. Click here to find our tried-and-true planting and harvesting tools to help you along your way.

About Destiny Hagest

Destiny is a freelance writer living in the mountains of small town of Montana with her family, where they raise chickens and ducks, forage and grow some of their own food, and continue to plan their off-the-grid dream home. When she’s not writing an article about homesteading or sustainability, you can catch her baking with her toddler, or staying up all night with her husband philosophizing over a glass of craft beer.