Hand Laundry: Diaper How-To (Easier Than You Think)

We get lots of questions about how to use many of our hand laundry products. Recently, Maegan Sonksen, who writes the The Bee Hive Buzz blog, waded right in with some of our laundry products and her baby’s cloth diapers. See how she does laundry by hand–by choice–for her family. The article starts below, then click the link to read it all.

Maegan, thank you so much for all your kind words! It was lovely working with you.

Mama Bee Maegan, and her beautiful baby bee, Emma.

Mama Bee Maegan, and her beautiful baby bee, Emma.

“We’re a cloth diaper family!  Were also a green family!  And a single income family.  So we do as much as we possibly can to not only save us money, but to conserve and be more green. 

I’ve always been a line dryer.  Even before cloth diapers came into our lives.  I’ve always preferred to air dry as much of our laundry as I can and I always line dry every load of cloth diapers I wash.  At first it was just a preference…then the dryer died.

But one thing I’ve started doing is hand washing several loads of laundry each week to cut down on our energy costs by not running the washing machine.  I typically hand wash delicates and a lot of my own clothing and I hand wash at least 2 loads of cloth diapers each week.  I’ve definitely noticed a change in our energy bill!  At first I was doing this just to save and conserve, but just a few weeks ago, our washing machine died so I’ve been handing washing all of our clothes and line drying them all too…”

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