Happenings in Kidron, August 11, 2010

Our township trustees reported that despite the 55 mph speed limit on one of the roads just outside of town, residents are only driving about 40 mph. We really mean it when we say that life moves at a slower pace here in Kidron!

The Mennonite Relief Sale I blogged about last week raised just over $300,000 for world hunger. One of the quilts, donated in memory of my friend Lena Lehman, raised $1,900. She loved quilts and would be honored to know that “hers” sold for a record price.

On August 14, Sonnenberg Village is holding its annual homecoming festival. The Akron Black Stockings, a vintage baseball team, will take on our local Kidron boys. Too bad for the locals that they have to play by the 1880 rule book. I hate to say it, but I expect the Black Stockings to win. I’ve seen them play before, and that 1880 rule book is pretty tricky.

There will be World War II vintage airplanes on display at the nearby Canton Akron Airport from August 13 to August 16. The display will include a B-17 Flying Fortress.

On Saturday, August 21, we’ll be holding the Kidron Machinery Sale. That’s a great day to visit. Our town auctions off farm equipment, much of it horse drawn, to Amish farmers from far and wide. That’s one day when the buggies in town probably outnumber the cars! If you’re looking for horse-drawn equipment of any kind or good deals on antiques, it’s great fun. The proceeds benefit our local volunteer fire department.

Several of my friends (Herb, Tim and Shelly) had grandchildren. I seem to be getting older (or at least my friends are)…it’s seems like yesterday that they were having children. How did they get to the next generation so fast?

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