Harvesting Ice In Amish Country

Francis Woodruff, editor of the Dalton Gazette and Kidron News has shared some photos of a recent ice harvest in our area. For all you snowbirds who may be missing home, enjoy this taste of winter here in the country!Men pulling ice
Several neighbors recently spent a Saturday cutting and harvesting ice from this farm pond at the Eli R. Yoder farm that will be used to refrigerate food for the coming summer months at the Yoder’s Amish home on Arnold Road, Dalton.Packing ice wagon

The heavy blocks of ice are loaded onto a farm wagon and hauled the short distance back to the house.At ice house

The ice is slid down a metal ramp into a special insulated room in the basement of the Yoder house that is filled to the ceiling with the ice blocks and will be used to keep food cool into the summer months.

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