Homeschooler’s Days At Our Store

Calling all homeschooling families: are you looking for fun, educational activities to do with your children during these slower winter months? Look no further than Lehman’s! Every Tuesday through the month of March, we’re hosting homeschooled children and groups to give them a hands-on glimpse into the basics of simpler living with entertaining, informative activities and presentations. I recently sat in on one of these events. It was just as much fun as I knew our talented and knowledgeable staff would make it!

First up was Ms. BJ, who showed the students our Dazey Butter Churn and informed us about the history of butter and butter-making. We all got a chance to turn the crank (at a medium, steady pace – not too fast or we’d end up with whipped cream instead of butter!) As we watched plain cream start to make its magical journey to fresh butter. The crackers awaited for sampling…

Next was the Lehman’s Own Reading 78 Apple Peeler – an invention that was almost lost for good. The Lehman family bought the patterns to make it ourselves when the manufacturer went out of business! This design has been going strong since 1878 (hence the name). The children proved why it’s still one of the fastest ways to peel apples, hands down. After their apples were peeled, BJ helped them make perfect snack cuts with our Instant Apple Slicer. We munched our apple slices while BJ played a fun guessing game, showing off some really unique historical things that Lehman’s still sells – and some people still use in their homes

Hands-on peeling apples and churning butter!

Churn, churn, churn that cream!

Our apple peeler often results in one long, curly peel – something the students thought was cool.

Taste Test

Soon, Gloria arrived with something we’d all been looking forward to: soda pop! We taste tested Tangerine, Mystery Blue, Dog Drool and Chocolate Covered Bacon sodas.

Finally, Chuck delighted the students with a history lesson on oil lamps, going all the way back to Biblical times! Below, he shows an ancient-style olive oil lamp that puts out a little light:

Next, an oil lamp fitted on a canning jar puts out a lot more light, but it’s still not very bright.

Finally, our Aladdin lamps put out the most light (and heat) of all – enough to read and do schoolwork by! The students enjoyed hearing all about the history of these amazing lamps and what makes them different from other oil lamps.

After a presentation about the collection of deep-relief wood carvings on display courtesy of local woodcarver Paul Weaver, the students and their parents/teachers enjoyed a treasure hunt all around the store. The treasure hunt was followed by lunch in the Cast Iron Cafe (coupons are provided!). We hope you’ll consider joining us for the next Homeschoolers Day – you’ll be glad you did! More information and tickets are available here.