Huge Flood Sale at Lehman’s Retail Store

UPDATE ON FLOOD CLEANUP: The doors at Lehman’s are now open, after a flash flood closed the iconic old-fashioned general store on Monday, Feb. 28. The entire store, with the exception of the Cast Iron Café and the stove room, should be open by Saturday, March 5.

There is a massive Flood Sale at Lehman’s beginning on Saturday, the same day as the local Machinery Sale in Kidron (four miles south of Rte. 30 between Wooster and Canton). The flood sale will continue through the month, while supplies last.

Glenda Lehman Ervin said that many of the products damaged in the flood are available for purchase at a deep discount in the Kidron store. “In most cases, the boxes are wet, but the product is undamaged,” she said. Many people have asked how they can help. One way is to come and shop at the flood sale so we can get this product out the door, she said. Look for the flood damage signs and stickers; flood sale items are only available in the retail store in Kidron. However, catalog and web sales were not affected by the flood so undamaged merchandise can be purchased at, 24/7.

The flood left three feet of muddy water in the store, causing extensive damage. “We had a gas refrigerator floating in the cafe, ” Ervin said. “Merchandise on the lower shelves was swept through the building, including corn stalks from a field up the road.”

Monday morning, after discovering the early morning flood, Lehman’s announced that it was closed and asked all employees to come to work, dressed for a messy clean up and recovery process. What happened next caught them by surprise. “It felt like the entire community turned out to help us in whatever way they could,” Ervin explained. “Members of the local community showed up as volunteer laborers. Others provided equipment or food or moral support.”

Ervin said that Lehman’s received help from Central Christian Schools, Das Dutch Kitchen, Gerber Poultry, Kidron Fire Department, Mrs. Miller’s Noodles, Old Carolina Barbecue, P. Graham Dunn, Pack/Ship, Shisler’s Cheese, Valley View Mennonite Church and Ventrac. “We continue to be so grateful for all the words of encouragement, help and prayers,” said Galen Lehman, the store’s president. “This is what keeps us going during this devastating week. We are grateful that no one was injured during the flood. ”

Photographs of the flood damage may be seen on Lehman’s Facebook Page.

8 thoughts on “Huge Flood Sale at Lehman’s Retail Store

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  2. ROADTRIP!!! I wish.. So sorry about the floor and damage and all that you are having to go through. Unfortunately, I won’t be getting to take advantage of the sales. :-( I’ll be shopping online…

  3. Will be coming your way soon … hope things are getting back to normal for all of you … see you soon!

  4. Pat might have the right idea.. ROADTRIP!!! sounds like fun.. So very sorry about the damage.. Parts of our town were flooded as well. I was so surprised by how fast the water came and then thankfully have fast it receded.. but the damage was shocking… Very thankful no one was injured.. Hope to maybe see you Saturday!