I Resolve This year

I haven’t been one much inclined to making New Year resolutions as I tend to forget what they were as the year progresses!  However I resolve that this year will be different and these are goals I want to meet. I will let you know at the end of the year how I did ?

I Resolve . . .

  1. To be kinder and more patient with those with one track minds.
  2. To do volunteer work since I can’t seem to find a paying job. People say I am too old, too slow or don’t know what life is like because it have changed since I was young. Therefore I am unemployable!  Does that mean I missed forty years or more of adult life and have to catch up? I guess experience doesn’t count anymore.
  3. To not procrastinate. I have an awful habit of talking myself into doing things later!
  4. To finish writing a book I have been working on.
  5. To eat less and exercise more. I hate exercise and love to eat!
  6. To embrace life for it is a gift not to left to idle by but to be lived to the fullest. It becomes more precious the older you get.
  7. Not to waste time day dreaming or in idle pursuits. To waste time is to waste your life.
  8. To spend more time with family for all of our benefits.
  9. To each day try to make someone’s life better in some small way.
  10. To more efficiently do my chores at home so to have time to enjoy my surroundings. Work is necessary but everyone needs time to slow down and think and meditate.
  11. To do good to my enemies and not retalliate at those who critisize and attack me. I cannot change others  but only how I choose to react to them.
  12. To pray for guidance every day and give thanks for both blessings and trials.  God always knows what is best for each of us. He is there to help us through life not to save us from experiencing it. He doesn’t cause our problems and trials but will help us learn strength through them and to trust Him.

About lrose

Greetings from " Land's End" in Nova Scotia! My name is Linda Rose. My husband , Bill, and I have been living on and farming organically on a ten acre farm for 23 years now. Bill grew up dairy farming and I grew up and lived in both the city and country. We were married thirty years ago July 9th. and are former Light House Keepers. I am a writer, mother of four, grandmother of two, former dog groomer, hospital worker and now do child care part time. Bill always farmed but also did gardening for others . He was also assitant Light Keeper on Green Island and Bon Portage Island off the south shore of Nova Scotia. We live in what is now called Short Beach on the south shore of Nova Scotia. Many years ago before the first white settlers set foot from their sailing vessels on the rocky shores of Short Beach the natives called this place Kespoogwit. Translated to English it means "lands end" Appropriately named, the land does end a two minute walk from our farm. This is where the Atlantic Ocean beats the rocky shores holding us spell bound. Nature, ever changing, demostrates the puniness of man or woman to the relentless forces of the sea. The forefathers of many people who reside in this area sailed on vessels from England and Scotland. They journeyed to Nova Scotia to begin their lives afresh in a new land. They brought with them only the bare essentials of clothing and tools and in some cases animals. They came men, women and children. Challenged by the weather more than from hostility of the original inhabitants, many a stout man and woman carved homesteads from forested land near the Atlantic. The weather and rocky soil presented obstacles for the original homesteaders and the generations who would follow them. Bill and I came to Short Beach in 1985. I prefer to call our homestead "Land's End". Our journey was much different than that of the first homesteaders who settled here. However our lifestyle is not a whole lot different. We still till the ground and mow the hay with horse drawn implements. I sweep the house with a straw broom and cook on a wood stove. Although ;someone thinking I was missing something gave us an electric stove and fridg; I still prefer my wood stove. Our wood for heat comes from a wood lot and is hauled five miles home with our work horse. Our food is grown organically using mostly simple hand tools to work the soil. The Atlantic continues to hold its observers hypnotized by its sporadic beauty. Tranquil repose is periodically interrupted by furious surging tides, eroding and redefining the shoreline of Short Beach. This is Kespoogwit ; "Land's End". It is our home.