Instant potato sourdough starter

Years ago I had a recipe for a sourdough bread that used sugar, warm water, and instant potato flakes to “feed” the starter. In searching on the web for a sourdough starter, I ran across a link to However, I could not find the recipe on the website. If anyone has the recipe for the starter, please respond as I would like to make some for the Christmas holiday.

4 thoughts on “Instant potato sourdough starter

  1. Hi, thanks for the post. One of the projects in the works for the upcoming year is to get the recipes moved from the database of the old site to this new site. We loved the recipes and want them back. As with everything else on the web: “Nothing is ever done”. Stay tuned.

  2. I don’t have the recipe, but I do have “instant” sourdough flakes – I have made sourdough, then dried the leftovers and stored the crushed flakes in a jar – when I want sourdough, I start a day earlier with rehydrating them in water, flour and sugar to make the starter. If you are interested, I could send you some!

  3. Yes I would very much like some of the recipes from the other site. I thought it was just me; not being able to find them. Thank-you in advance.

  4. DBirch, it’s over a year since you posted your inquiry about the starter but I just discovered this site. If you never found the starter, let me know. I’ve had one to feed, share, and bake bread since about 1996. If you’re still interested, maybe we can figure a way for me to get it to you.