Lehman’s Irish Connections…2 stories

Some stories are too good not to share, so I just have to pass along this funny little one from my sister Becca, who recently returned from her honeymoon driving around the Irish countryside (yes, I was exceedingly jeClonony Castlealous). She and new hubby Michael drove by a small castle and decided to turn around and see if they could go inside (many of the old castles are open to the public as they are owned by the Irish government). This one, Clonony Castle, happens to be owned privately, by an American (or Canadian? I’m not sure) woman and her Irish husband. Her expertise is in restoring centuries-old buildings and they are slowly restoring this castle to its original appearance (built in 1500).

After chatting a while, they asked Becca and Michael where they were from, and Becca mentioned Ohio and Amish Country. The couple then exclaimed, “OH, we just got a catalog from a place in Ohio’s Amish Country … it’s a hardware store called Lehman’s!”

My sister thought this was very funny – to be standing in a 16th century Irish castle, on her honeymoon, talking to complete strangers about … Lehman’s!

Not long after this, we heard another Irish tale from our Major Product Specialist, Sharon Hershberger:

A husband and wife from Wisconsin were touring Ireland and while there witnessed someone unpacking lamps from a box which had just arrived from the United States. The tourists thought the lamps were beautiful and wondered where they had been purchased.

Baker's Choice Cook StoveThe people unpacking the lamps spoke enthusiastically about Lehman’s and shared our contact information with the couple. Sometime thereafter Sharon received a call from that same Wisconsin man, who shared the interesting story of discovering Lehman’s while traveling overseas. He was interested in a wood cook stove, and after consulting with Sharon purchased the Baker’s Choice model.

Proof once again that “word of mouth”is the best advertising in the world.

Anyone else have an interesting or amazing story about Lehman’s? Send it to us at newsletter@Lehmans.com. We know they’re out there!