Jazz Band provides Snazz to restored Buggy Barn

Dalton Jazz BandDalton Jazz BandThursday evening (last night as I write this) we had the pleasure of hosting the Dalton High School Jazz Band in our 1830’s Buggy Barn. They played a rousing assortment of Christmas songs, from Frosty the Snowman to Jingle Bell Rock.

I had to wonder what the gentleman who built the barn in the 19th century would have thought about all the festivities. I have a feeling he would have been both pleased and honored. The event would have even surprised the Amish gentleman that sold us the buggy barn, as my brother Galen pointed out after the event.

We served free cookies and cocoa in the Cast Iron Cafe and it was lovely to see our store filled with local residents and young people, admiring the antiques on the walls and enjoying the cookies.  It was also interesting to me that, once again, we have teenagers in the store, learning about 19 century history, before they head back to their 21st century lives.  And here at Lehman’s we are able to bridge that 200-year gap using the modern tools that are available to us, like this blog.

We invited the Dalton Jazz Band to perform again and hope to have another concert in the spring.  We’ll keep you posted (pun intended).

Check out the videos we posted on www.youtube.com/lehmanshardware for more about their performance.

Glenda Ervin

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