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I don’t know about you, but for my wife and I, our canned food is one of our most valuable possessions. Many people can their garden produce for a cheap family source of food. That’s what we did for most of our lives. But, with our kids out of the house, our focus now is on quality.

We can food because it looks better, tastes better and is healthier. We want colorful jars filled with healthy food that makes your mouth water at a glance. We want to know that we can pronounce the names of all the ingredients. We want the fresh tang of home-canned peaches in mid-winter without taste-robbing sugary syrup. We want our Sunday dinner roast with applesauce from apples we grew. We want green beans that are actually green and corn that didn’t have the texture cooked out of it in a commercial cannery.

We get there by pouring our heart into every Mason jar! We pick for quality. We can it mere hours after it came off the vine, stalk or tree. We work carefully “by the book,” temperature and cooking time. We are aiming for nothing short of county fair blue ribbon canned food!

After we invest all that time and caring, we want to protect our precious mason jars. That’s why we use (and endorse) our Canning Jar Storage Protectors for quart and pint jars. They protect your canning jars, yes. For me, they even protected my marriage!


Last year we carefully chose some applesauce, peaches and green beans to take to our daughter’s new home in another city. When we arrived, I proudly opened the hatchback to show her what we brought. Unfortunately, the load had shifted, and before I could react, the jars slid out of the door and landed on the driveway. I heard my daughter gasp and my wife say something that sounded like “ARGHA!” I felt my heart sink to that place a few inches below my belly button. It’s a horrible feeling of disappointing a loved one you can only understand if you’ve actually heard them make that “ARGHA!” sound!

But, the jars inside didn’t break because they were kept safe in a Canning Jar Storage Protector. Worth the cost? Oh yeah. Without question!

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Written by Galen Lehman, Proprietor of Lehman’s. Galen says, “I believe in a Simpler Life. It’s more rewarding. It’s honest and understandable. It helps me live more sustainably and be better prepared. A Simpler Life creates meaningful relationships with kin, companions and my community.”

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Galen Lehman

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Lehman's CEO and son of founder Jay Lehman. Homesteads on five acres. Believes in a Simpler Life...rewarding relationships, fresh, local (preferably homegown) food and the gratification of hard work. Plant a tree!