Keeping our cat’s food from other cats?

We have an outdoor cat. We provided a heated insulated shelter for it (small plastic insulated dog house with door, and electric pet heating pad). During the cold winter, we put its food and water inside to keep it all from freezing. However, overnight other cats seem to show up from nowhere. Where do they all live?

Along came a dominate male that sprayed the shelter and area. Our cat now does not want to go anywhere near the shelter.

I cleaned up the shelter in our bathtub, using diluted vinegar. Our cat used it for two days until the same dominate male showed up and sprayed the area again. Now, nothing we do can entice our cat to return to the shelter and provisions – even though I have re-cleaned the shelter and area.

Thus my question. How can I care for our outdoor cat without attracting the neighborhood cats? Short of making sure the dominate male has no more bad days on this earth, is there a way to keep him away?

Thanks for any suggestion.

One thought on “Keeping our cat’s food from other cats?

  1. You could always trap the feral cat and have it nuetered! Otherwise all I could think of is building a wire fence around your cat’s house and have your cat enclosed at night. The cat house would have to be in the center so the male spayer couldn’t reach it. The fence would also need a top. If you had a porch you could move the cat’s house in there.