Lehman’s featured on People & Places

Recently Lehman’s was featured on WKSU, the local National Public Radio Station in Northeast Ohio. The report by WKSU’s reporter Karen Schaefer is about 4:34 minutes in length, and includes an interesting interview with Nik Sohar, our Kidron Store Manager. The report also talks about Lehman’s beginnings and successes. WKSU has posted the report on their web site along with some nice photographs of Lehman’s Kidron Store and surrounding area. You can listen to it in streaming audio using RealPlayer, Windows Media Player or download the MP3 and listen to it through any MP3 player.
Click here to listen and see the photographs.

Download the MP3 by Clicking Here

2 thoughts on “Lehman’s featured on People & Places

  1. Nice job Nik! Better you than me…lol!
    Of coarse I couldn’t see the washers because it’s radio and not T.V. but that’s o.k.