Lehman’s Free Stuff

Blue Desktop Wallpaper imageSomething that I have wanted to do for some time was put some desktop wall paper up for folks to download. Finally, it is here, I have posted two different wall papers for you to use on your computer at home. Don’t worry more to come.

Blue Desktop Wallpaper imageIf you do not find the size of wall paper that you need, cannot modify the wall paper that is available, or just would like a different graphic. Simply post me a comment or email me the details of what you would like I will see what I can do.

Get your Lehman’s® wallpaper here

2 thoughts on “Lehman’s Free Stuff

  1. I really like the eve’n sun it reminds me of the hymn “the evening sun is sett’in low a few more days and I’ll be home”, and yes it’s like going home when I visit you all and we should be there on mon or tues of next week. see ya

  2. thank you Linda, I hope you got your wall paper without trouble. I am looking for suggestions for additional wall paper ideas to post.