Stove Flood Sale at Lehman’s Store!

Huge Stove Sale at Lehman’s in Kidron on SATURDAY, APRIL 9th: Our retail store is hosting a huge sale on wood stoves that were damaged in our recent flood. Many makes and models, first-come, first-served, when they’re gone, they’re gone! Come ready to take your new stove home (no shipping available, but installation is available within Ohio). NO warranties apply on these stoves; buy at your own risk. No returns. In-store sale only; sorry, sale does not apply to web sales.

UPDATE 3/23/11: The Cast Iron Cafe is now OPEN! The cafe (located in the middle of our retail store) is now open with a full menu of great food and beverages. Click here for a menu.

And, we’re still offering flood-damaged items at drastically reduced prices (in-store sale only). Items are going fast, so plan to visit soon and shop these great deals – they won’t last long!

Watch for a BIG announcement about our Stove Flood Sale … coming soon…

UPDATE 3/10/11: The Flood Sale Continues at Lehman’s Retail Store! We’re adding more flood-damaged items to our sale (in-store purchases only). Every area of the store is now open except the Cast Iron Café and the Major Products Dept. It’s a great time to visit Lehman’s and get some amazing deals!


UPDATE 3/3/11: Just received another update! In addition to the Books, Housewares and Candy departments, the Pottery room, Pantry room, Lamp room, Garden room, and Toys are now open!

The flood cleanup is progressing! As of today, the following departments are open for business: Books, Housewares and Old-Fashioned Candy. Additionally, our Buggy Barn is filled with flood-damaged items on sale for 50% off the normal price (in-store purchases only). Our Stove Department sustained some of the worst damage; cleanup of this area may take up to another month.

This weekend, hundreds of people will converge on the village of Kidron for the semi-annual Machinery Sale on the grounds of the Kidron Auction (right across the street from Lehman’s). We expect high traffic in the store on Friday and Saturday, and these “flash flood bargains” are likely to be snapped up quickly! Again, thanks to ALL who are helping and keeping us in their thoughts and prayers.

Just a reminder: our warehouse, customer service, catalog and web site are all operating normally. If you couldn’t get to our store this week, you may want to consider ordering via or giving us a call and placing your order over the phone. Our customer service representatives are ready to help you at 1-877-438-5346!


UPDATE 3/1/11: We are overwhelmed at the outpouring of support we have received from our local community and our loyal customers around the country!  A small area of our retail store is now open, and we are offering flood-damaged products at 50% off (in-store purchases only). We would like to thank everyone for their offers of help. If you would like to volunteer in the cleanup effort, please call us at 1-888-438-5346. Our catalog, warehouse, phone ordering department, shipping and web site facility are located in a different location and are operating as usual. Again, thank you for your thoughts and prayers!

Feb. 28th- Employees arrived at Lehman’s retail store in the small community of Kidron, Ohio to find the store in water that was about 18 inches deep and deeper in some areas of the store. Galen Lehman CEO and President of the company had this to say on his facebook page:

Lehman’s Kidron store had 3′ of floodwater in it this morning. We’ll be closed for days. I feel like crying. Instead, I’m going to roll up my sleeves.

The community of Kidron is pitching in to lend a hand including Gerber’s Poultry who is delivering a free chicken dinner for Lehman’s workers cleaning up today. Valley View Mennonite Church is offering to send volunteers to help.

The store will be closed due to the flooding today (Monday February 28, 2011) and may be open on a limited basis tomorrow. We will update this article and the facebook postings as we get information.

20 thoughts on “Stove Flood Sale at Lehman’s Store!

  1. I’m so sorry to hear that! I live in Virginia, and have only been to your store once, but it is such a great place. Sending good thoughts.

  2. I am so sorry to read this post! OUr thoughts and prayers will be with you during this time. We visited the store a few years ago and remember our visit fondly.

  3. How did all that stuff get onto the floor? I heard there was earthquake activity…you may check into that possibility.

  4. How awful! Prayers for a quick clean up and not too much damage :(

  5. it’s incredible how destructive water can be. hoping for a quick recovery and return to business.

  6. Sorry to hear of this. Hope the local folks are able to keep coming to your aid til you’re through the crisis. You’re a much-beloved institution. May God bless your efforts to clean up and grant you encouragement.

  7. I just wanted to let you know I made an order online and I understand you are very busy with the clean up effort. I know it may take a wile, but I hope the order help your business get going again. I am sorry I can not be there to help clean up. I wish you guys the best of luck.