Lehman’s Videos – Store Visitors

The list of Lehman’s videos available on the YouTube channel is growing.

Already available are the Demonstration videos featuring the Fruit Press, the incredible Apple Peeler, Lehman’s Butter Churn, How to Assemble and Light an Aladdin Lamp, and Wood Heat Stoves: What you need to know. Also available is the Hitzer Stove – Daily Maintenance Video that was posted earlier this year. In post production are two new demonstration videos “Grain Mills: How to choose” and “Grain Mills: How to use”.

A new series of videos that feature Galen Lehman (Owner/President) talking with visitors at Lehman’s Kidron Ohio store. Currently Lehman’s has posted three of these videos, but a lot more are in post production. These videos are available on the YouTube channel. Lehman’s also filmed Glenda Lehman Ervin (Owner/VP marketing) talking with customers at the Kidron, Ohio Store, these videos are in post production and will be available soon.