Lovin’ the Canning Jar Storage Box

Sturdy, stackable Canning Jar Storage Boxes are made from recycled polypropylene.

It’s time for another peek at one of those “How did we live without it?”products. And it’s especially timely now, when most folks are starting to gather and preserve early summer harvests from home gardens and farmer’s markets.

How did we live without the Canning Jar Storage Box? I swear, it’s the best canning tool since the rubber coated jar lifter tongs. No more worries about breaking jars when putting them up on the shelf, no more jars clinking around when someone walks too close to the pantry. (How can youngsters sound like herds of elephants anyway?)

Snap and stack Canning Jar Storage Boxes easily!

Once your jars are sealed and cool, just load them up in the incredibly sturdy box, take it to root cellar or pantry storage area, and slide the box right onto the shelf. You can even invert one empty box over a full one and snap it tight for dust (and spider-free) storage no matter where your jars live over the winter. If you’re like me, and you live in a small house, these suckers fit nicely under a bed too, helping you maximize storage.

The Canning Jar Storage Box makes it easy to transport multiple jars up and down stairwells too. No more cradling them together in your arms or in a laundry basket and hoping you get to your destination before one of the jars makes a ‘break’ for freedom.

Yes, indeedy. I’m lovin’ the Canning Jar Storage Box.

7 thoughts on “Lovin’ the Canning Jar Storage Box

  1. I LOVE these boxes! They really keep your jars safe and if you ever need to move them in a hurry, you can do it in a snap. Eaisier to store, keep the mice and bugs out ..I can’t say enough!!!

  2. I am glad someone pointed out that you are not supposed to stack jars, and I wonder if using the top of the box would provide enough support for jars on top to not press down on ones below. Still, for shipping jars this looks terrific.

  3. We should clarify! If you stack your jars it should only be with the enclosed boxes like the second photo in this post shows – the plastic supports the weight of the top layer and prevents it from pressing on the lids of the lower layer and there is some space between the lid of the jar and the top of the box. The first photo on the post gives a better view of how the jars fit into the carrier but would not be the correct way to store them.