Make Kiss Roses for Your Sweeties

Hershey's Kisses ChocolateChocolate and roses are two words that seem to go together like peanut butter and jelly.  They are the old stand-by for a romantic gift and can be a very expensive purchase.  What if there was a way to combine them together into a gift that didn’t put a dent in your wallet but still showed you cared?  Well, there is.  Kiss roses make special and unique gifts that don’t cost a fortune.

Begin the process by gathering your supplies.  For this project you will need:  floral stems, floral tape, foiled Hershey Kisses, plastic wrap, ribbon for roses, and foliage (optional).

Let’s start on the flower base.  Place 2 kisses flat end to flat end and put them in the middle of a 6-by-2 inch piece of plastic wrap. Tightly wrap them along the top.  Place a floral stem at the bottom of the kiss stack and finish wrapping the kisses. Make sure you include the tip of the floral stem when wrapping.  Wrap the base of the kisses and the top of the floral stem together with floral tape, wrapping them tightly.

Now it is time to start developing the petals.  Cut a piece of ribbon 10 inches long and fold down a corner of the ribbon to form a triangle.  Fold the end point of the triangle around the base of the kisses.  Tightly wrap around the kisses. The petals are formed by twisting the ribbon under once, while wrapping.  When the petals are complete, fold the end piece of ribbon down toward the base of the flower. Wrap floral tape around the entire base of the flower to secure the end pieces of ribbon.  Add foliage and ribbon bows to the roses for a finished look.

This is a very versatile project.  Use red ribbon to make classic red roses or change it up a bit and use pastels for a baby shower.  Your imagination is your only limit on what your roses look like.  Attach individually wrapped mint Lifesavers to floral stem with floral tape and you have edible baby’s breath.
Remember that what makes a handmade gift special is the thought and time that was put into it.  And if you’re like me, the small satisfaction of knowing somebody else is going to see it and be slightly jealous.