Meet Doug and Stacy

off grid with doug and stacy

YouTube vloggers Doug and Stacy (“Off Grid with Doug and Stacy”) have taken the homesteading world by storm. Their down-to-earth charm and common-sense advice speaks to anyone longing to throw off their stressful job and live a simpler life.

But how did they get there? In an exclusive Lehman’s interview, Doug and Stacy settled in and gave some background for their unconventional lifestyle.chicken on porch

“Stacy and I were both business owners,” began Doug. “I had a large landscaping business and we had a brick-and-mortar store where we sold games, ball caps, sunglasses, and costume jewelry. About eight years ago, we looked at each other and said ‘enough.’ It seemed our quality of life was not where we thought it should be. We also wanted to reduce our carbon footprint. Then we started learning about the quality of our food. That was a game-changer.”

Stacy outlined the process. “Once we decided to make the move, we sold our 3,000 square-foot house and everything in it. We gave away a ton of stuff. We got a mobile storage unit and decided only to take what fit in it. Doug sold the landscape business and liquidated the store.”

They moved into a one-bedroom apartment while searching for property. Because Stacy was still committed to her teaching job at the time, they stayed within commuting distance.outside off grid cabin

“We bought 11 acres and decided to just move forward with the log cabin, and kinda went step by step,” noted Doug. “Believe me, living totally off-grid with no power at all was never in the plan. While Stacy stayed in St. Louis, I camped on the property with the dogs. I built the cabin in about 90 days with minimal carpentry skills. As we started transitioning into the log home, we debated about hooking up to power or using propane appliances. Looking back, we never even considered solar.”

It was their proximity to an Amish community that tipped them into an off-grid lifestyle. “If they could do it, we could do it,” said Doug. “The return on investment for wind or solar is not there yet. Plus, living this pioneer lifestyle is much more rewarding as individuals and as a couple.”off grid cabin

One of the refreshing aspects of Doug and Stacy’s adventures is how up-front and truthful they are. “If this is a lifestyle you might want to pursue, then go for it,” Doug advised. “Don’t over-think it. Keep it simple. You can’t do it in a day or a week or a year. It takes patience and persistence.”

Lehman’s products have been instrumental in helping Doug and Stacy achieve their goals. “They have so much inventory for off-grid and self-reliant lifestyles,” noted Doug. “What a great resource! We purchased a Baker’s Choice wood cookstove and several oil lamps. Over the years we’ve developed a relationship with some of the employees as we call in with questions. For us, Lehman’s is a great fit. They value family and are always searching for and developing great products at a good price for people who want to go back to a simple life.”

You can find Doug and Stacy on YouTube or Facebook.

Editor’s Note: Doug and Stacy will be at Lehman’s November 3rd and 4th for a meet and greet. Stop by our store in Kidron, Ohio to say hello!