Miss Pearl’s Gloxinia

Miss Pearl's purple gloxinia

This gorgeous gloxinia at our warehouse reception desk belongs to Pearl Taylor. If you’ve ever phoned in to talk to someone about shipping on a oversized purchase, like a woodstove or a gas-powered freezer, you’ve most likely spoken to Pearl, sister of our founder, Jay Lehman.

Pearl was gracious enough to share her enthusiasm for these beautiful potted plants. “My mother had one, and I had taken starts from it, and it lasted for years. But then one spring, it just didn’t come back. My daughter found this one recently, and bought it for me. I’ve never seen one with so many buds! I expect it will bloom for quite a while.” The plant sits on lovely hand-crocheted doily.

After the plant finishes blooming, Pearl cuts it back, and puts it in a very dark, cool area of her basement. She waters it once a month until springtime, when she brings it back upstairs, and puts it in a warm, sunny window.